Letter-writing is a lost art – especially handwritten letters. Before this project, I hadn’t penned a handwritten letter to a friend in years. It’s all email or the occasional letter that is neatly formatted in Word and printed on a laser printer now. And while there is tremendous value in digital letters, there is something alluring about how handwriting looks on paper. And it’s just as much about the paper as it is the words and the penmanship.

In 2015 I made a commitment to write a handwritten letter to someone every day of the year. Every day I sat down with pen and paper and crafted a letter – most of them are displayed on this website. And while many of my letters went unanswered, it was the responses I did receive that made the project special to me – from a former U.S. president to a six-year-old boy  in Oklahoma to a 100-year-old retired cardiologist.

If you have a great handwritten letter that you’d like to share or suggestions on pens, stationery, writing styles – I’d love to hear from you. Drop me a letter at: Reed Sandridge, c/o Second Story Cards, 2121 Decatur Place NW Unit #1, Washington, DC 20008.

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