Response from 6-year-old Nicky from Day 22.

Response from 6-year-old Nicky from Day 22.

Those of you who followed my Year of Giving journey know that I am a bit obsessed with crunching the numbers behind my projects. Here are just a few things that I am tracking. Let me know what other crazy things I should be keeping track of.

*Data as of April 11, 2015

Letters sent: 100
Replied with a handwritten letter: 11%
Didn’t reply with a handwritten letter, but acknowledged: 27%
Undeliverable or No Address: 3%
Average number of days to receive handwritten replies: 29 days
Furtherest distance: Helsinki, Finland (Day 71)
Shortest distance: Dupont Circle, Washington, DC (Day 34)
Restraining orders received: 0
Male: 42.3%
Female: 48.2%
Both Male & Female: 9.5%
Celebreties: 20%
Family: 9%
Friends: 25%
Children: 6%




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