Day 3: Michael Amez, Whole Foods

All too often people go out of our way to make our experience at a store or restaurant and we don’t take a moment to thank them. Yet when they do something to piss us off, we are quick to kill them on social media and tell everyone we know how terrible they are.

I was reflecting on the holidays this morning and remembered a nice man who helped my sister-in-law out over Thanksgiving. He certainly didn’t have to go out of his way to help, but his kindness saved our Thanksgiving. I thought I would write the GM of the store and let him know how much our family appreciated this employee’s commitment to customer service.

Michael Amez

Michael Amez-2

Dear Michael,

My brother’s family hosted Thanksgiving this year and purchased their entire Thanksgiving dinner from your store in Clarendon. There was some confusion and we ended up with an uncooked turkey when we thought we had purchased a fully cooked bird. Anyway, we started to heat up our “cooked” turkey around 4:45pm when we realized that it was still raw and would need four hours to cook!

Well, my 6-month pregnant sister-in-law flew out the door and raced over to your store to try to get another turkey – a cooked one. It was after 5pm and you had already closed, but a nice man let her in. The employee in the poultry department informed her that there was only one left – and gave it to her, no questions asked at no charge! He saved our Thanksgiving dinner.

Thank you and please share this with your team. We didn’t get the gentleman’s name, but I am sure that he will remember. We certainly won’t forget and will continue to shop at your store.

Thanks again,

Reed Sandridge



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