Day 293: Steve Wozniak

Steve Wozniak

Steve Wozniak

Birthday card to my Dad from Steve Wozniak!

Birthday card to my Dad from Steve Wozniak!

You may recall that back on Day 236 I wrote Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak asking him to send my father a letter on his 75th birthday. I didn’t think this would happen – I had tried back on his 71st birthday – but I was wrong.

He didn’t write much, but it meant a lot to my Dad. I thought that was so cool of Woz and wanted to write to him to let him know how grateful I am for his kindness.

Day 293-3


Thank you so much for sending my father a birthday card on his 75th birthday – it made his day. You’re a classy guy. Thank you.

Keep on creating!


P.S. My brother and his wife and I bought my dad the Apple watch for his birthday – so far he likes it. I can’t help but be curious about what you think about it.

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