Day 12: Lieu

Lieu-2Good morning! If you’re waking up in the Northeast it’s probably a bit nasty outside. We’ve got some icy conditions here in DC. Be careful.

Today’s letter is to a wonderful woman who does some work for me from time to time. Originally from Vietnam, she’s lived in the Washington area for almost 40 years. She is tiny, probably about 5 feet tall, but her heart is enormous. She’s always doing small acts of kindness – like last week she brought me the most delicious blueberry muffins and some oranges along with a handwritten note. Thank you Lieu!



Thank you so much for the delicious blueberry muffins and clementine oranges – you are so thoughtful. Please know how much I appreciate you and the kind, cheerful manner in which you always carry yourself. I’m always happier after seeing you or speaking with you on the phone.

With much gratitude,



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