Sunday Notes & Letters: The first reply to my letters arrives

So I am 46 days into my Year of Letters. It’s been an interesting journey so far. I’ve written family members, friends, politicians, corporate executives, children and even complete strangers. On Thursday I added some statistics to the project’s website. Some highlights are:

        People who replied with a handwritten letter: 2%
        People who didn’t reply with a handwritten letter, but acknowledged: 2
        Average number of days to receive handwritten replies: 19 days
        Furtherest distance traveled: San Anselmo, California (Day 29)
        Shortest distance traveled: Dupont Circle, Washington, DC (Day 34)
        Restraining orders received: 0

NickyLetterI guess the most surprising thing for me is how few responses I’ve received. My favorite one so far – ok it’s my only response so far – is from Nicky, a six-year-old boy from Oklahoma City. Thanks Nicky – you made my week!

A funny anecdote I’ll share as well. I wrote a handwritten note to my 84 and 86-year-old aunt and uncle. They replied…via email. Times are changing.

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