Day 111: Gary Fish, Deschutes Brewery

My favorite brewery is 2,690 miles from my home in Bend, Oregon. I figured they should make their way into my 365 letters, right? Cheers!

Day 111

Dear Gary,

We met briefly back in June of 2011 here in Washington, DC at SAVOR Craft Beer festival because I won free tickets after I wrote a letter to the Washington Post requesting free tickets based on the fact that it would be the only place I would find Deschutes here in DC.

Day 111-2That was then. Now Deschutes is starting to pop up here in Washington….at RFD’s, Nando’s Peri Peri, Founding Farmers, Arrowine, Lost & Found – even Whole Foods. This is making my life better and I wanted you to know that we here in D.C. appreciate it very much!

If there is ever anything I can do to help you and Deschutes here in DC, please let me know.


 P.S. I’m planning a big party in January of 2016 – I’d love for you to join us and have lots of Deschutes on tap!

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