Day 112: Anonymous Letter Left at Roger Dean Stadium

Day 112-6I’m in Jupiter, FL today for work and decided to catch a minor league baseball game. The Palm Beach Cardinals were hosting the Fort Myers Miracle. Both are Class A Advanced Affiliates for the St. Louis Cardinals and the Minnesota Twins respectively.

I wrote up an anonymous note, tucked it in a neatly addressed aubergine envelope and left it on a table that was right behind the home plate seats at the end of the fifth inning. Surely someone would see it there and pick it up. After the game, I walked by to make sure someone had claimed it, but to my surprise it was still sitting there.

I had pretty good seats!

I had pretty good seats!

I picked it up and walked outside. I was trying to think of another clever place to put it when I saw a mailbox for the stadium. Perfect! I dropped my note in there, we’ll see if anyone finds it.

Oh, and in case you were interested, the Cardinals easily took care of Miracle 7-2.

Day 112-5

You can see the mailbox where I dropped my letter just to the left of the door.

You can see the mailbox where I dropped my letter just to the left of the door.

This note is for you. I’ve made a commitment to write a handwritten note every day this year. If I could, I’d make a commitment to go to a baseball game every day for a year! I love the game and hope that you enjoyed tonight’s game as well. 

Best regards,
Reed Sandridge (Wash. DC)

The Cardinals beat the Miracles 7-2.

The Cardinals beat Miracle 7-2.


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