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Day 323: David

Annapolis City Center - Photo: Jaap Hart, Getty Images

Annapolis City Center – Photo: Jaap Hart, Getty Images

A thank you note to a client. I spent the day with them in Annapolis – the charming capital of the state of Maryland.

Day 323


What a great day – spending time with you and your team was a real honor. Taking days like today to step back and reflect on what you do – and even what you are not doing – can not only help shed light on the road ahead, but also bring teams closer together – weaving their voice into the next chapter of the organization.

I look forward to circling back with you to debrief on our discussions today – in the meantime I will compile the notes and send to you.

Reed Sandridge

Day 289: Anonymous letter left at Sheetz in Dillsburg

While driving through Pennsylvania I stopped in at the Sheetz gas station on Route 15 in Dillsburg and left an anonymous letter with some cash inside. I thought about hiding it under some blueberry mini muffins, but then I decided to place it behind something healthier. Why not reward someone for making a healthy choice today!

Day 289-2 Day 289

Day 244: Christian from Los Tacos Numero 1 in NYC

photo: Los Tacos Numero 1

photo: Los Tacos Numero 1

I am huge taco connoisseur. It goes back to living in Guasave, Sinaloa, Mexico when I was in high school. Traditional Mexican tacos are simple: fresh tortillas wrapped around grilled meat topped with a little onion and cilantro served with a side of limes, radishes and cucumbers.

These are my delicious cactus tacos and mula (a taco sandwich of sort). The hot salsa here is hot. You have been warned.

These are my delicious cactus tacos and mula (a taco sandwich of sort). The hot salsa here is hot. You have been warned.

Los Tacos Numero 1 are awesome. I was there last month and had two tacos and a mula. They were so freaking good and I didn’t even have carne asada (grilled steak), which is my favorite. I was not eating any meat until last week as part of a wedding gift to some friends who are vegetarian. Thankfully they had nopal, or cactus, tacos. They were amazing, but I yearn for the rich flavor of Mexican street tacos which I had as a teenager – they were almost always carne asada.

Christian, an architect from Southern California, is one of the owners of this cornucopia of Mexican goodness. If you are in NYC and want some delicious tacos – make sure you hit up Los Tacos Numero 1!

Los Tacos Numero 1
75 Ninth Ave
New York, NY 10011

Buen provecho!


Dear Christian,

I was recently in NYC for work and stopped into Chelsea Market – my friend Uday said I had to check it out. Having lived in Sinaloa, Mexico, I have a pretty high bar for taco utopia and Los Tacos No. 1 did not disappoint. My only wish is that I had been eating meat at the time (long story), because I only tried the nopal taco and mula – both were excellent! The fresh corn tortillas and salsas were legit. I left though wondering if the carne asada would taste like the tacos from Guasave, Sinaloa that I dream.

Day244I’ll be back up in the city on the 23rd and 24th and would love to have a taco with you – this time I’m eating meat and will definitely try the carne asada!

If you are ever in Washington, DC and want to check out the taco scene here, let me know. I’d be happy to take you on a taco tour of some authentic taquerías doing good work here in our nation’s capital.

Felicidades y un cordial saludo desde Washington, DC,

Reed Sandridge

Day 231: Kyle

I’m in Boston for some meetings and finding a hotel that wouldn’t bankrupt my employer was really a challenge, so I chose Airbnb. You may recall I wrote to their cofounder and CEO Brian Chesky earlier this year (Day 90) – sadly I never heard back. I mean if Jimmy Carter and George W. Bush had time to write back, I think Brian could send me a short note, don’t you?

Anyway, it was my first time using Airbnb in Boston. And my first time using the service in almost a year. Everything went smoothly. My host, Kyle, was great and I thought I would leave him a little note of thanks on one of the note cards I received from 1Canoe2. While I doubt it will work out, it would be great if he and some of the other non DC recipients of my handwritten letters can attend the year-end celebration on January 5th. Who knows? Maybe some of them will come.

Day 231

This card was one of the cards that the amazing people at 1Canoe2 sent me to help with all of the stationery that I need to do the Year of Letters.


What a beautiful home you have. It’s literally at the doorstep of downtown Boston. Thank you for your hospitality and making sure that everything went smoothly with my stay. I hope that made it to your open water swim this morning and wish you luck in your upcoming triathlon.


P.S. I’m a big fan of the lost art of handwritten communication and your note today is Day 231 of a year-long series: YearOfLetters.com.


Day 188: Gilson and Keila


Today’s letter is for some good friends in Brazil. They lived here in D.C. for a couple years and come back to visit from time to time. Unfortunately, the last couple times they have visited I have had other travel that has caused me to mostly miss their visits.

Day 188

Dear Gilson and Keila,

I hope my 188th letter of the year finds you well. I realize you are not in Sao Paulo right now – I’ve been seeing some of the great food (and drink) you are enjoying in Peru. I’ve been there several times but I’ve never been to Machu Picchu, that should be exciting.

I made another custom envelope liner.

I made another custom envelope liner.

Things here are going well. I’ve been busy working and writing letters. I haven’t done much traveling lately, except the occasional work trip. They’re usually shorter trips than I was accustomed to at Comptel. Instead of transcontinental week-long trips, I typically go to New York City, Boston or maybe Florida for a few days. It’s a lot easier, but sometimes I miss traveling to places where English is not the first language.

I hope that you are still planning on coming to the US in September – have you already signed up for the Tough Mudder? You are welcome to stay at my place. Hopefully this time I will actually be here!

I miss you guys and hope that it works out to see you here later this year.