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Day 231: Kyle

I’m in Boston for some meetings and finding a hotel that wouldn’t bankrupt my employer was really a challenge, so I chose Airbnb. You may recall I wrote to their cofounder and CEO Brian Chesky earlier this year (Day 90) – sadly I never heard back. I mean if Jimmy Carter and George W. Bush had time to write back, I think Brian could send me a short note, don’t you?

Anyway, it was my first time using Airbnb in Boston. And my first time using the service in almost a year. Everything went smoothly. My host, Kyle, was great and I thought I would leave him a little note of thanks on one of the note cards I received from 1Canoe2. While I doubt it will work out, it would be great if he and some of the other non DC recipients of my handwritten letters can attend the year-end celebration on January 5th. Who knows? Maybe some of them will come.

Day 231

This card was one of the cards that the amazing people at 1Canoe2 sent me to help with all of the stationery that I need to do the Year of Letters.


What a beautiful home you have. It’s literally at the doorstep of downtown Boston. Thank you for your hospitality and making sure that everything went smoothly with my stay. I hope that made it to your open water swim this morning and wish you luck in your upcoming triathlon.


P.S. I’m a big fan of the lost art of handwritten communication and your note today is Day 231 of a year-long series: YearOfLetters.com.


Day 142: Jon

I spent a good portion of Wednesday with Jon – a colleague who is an expert on conservation in the Eastern Himalayas. He gave a talk that evening that was excellent – Jon is talented at using storytelling to effectively engage his audience. He spoke passionately about the region – especially Nepal, a country that has suffered such terrible loss over the last month.

Jon lives in New Jersey and spends a great deal of time in Asia – so this doesn’t happen that often. I was very thankful to have the time with him and learn more about the projects that he is managing.

Day 142-2


What a pleasure it was to spend time with you in Boston this week. Your talk was excellent and the feedback I heard from others echoed my praise. Your knowledge, passion and thoughtfulness touched all of us. I look forward to working with you more in the future.

Best wishes for a safe and productive trip to Mongolia and Bhutan.


P.S. I ordered a copy of Spillover – thanks for the recommendation.

Day 8: Brian

I worked for Brian seven years ago – his enthusiasm coupled with his business and marketing acumen make him one hell of a leader. My business took me within a few miles of his Carlisle, MA home and it worked out for us to grab a beer together. By the way – I found this wonderful Arturo stationery at Rugg Road Paper Company on Charles Street in downtown Boston. The natural rough edges give it a subtle sophisticated character.

Brian H Day 8



It was great to catch up on Tuesday – by far the highlight of my trip. You always energize me and inspire me to look at issues from new vantage points. I wish you, Danielle and the kids a 2015 teeming with good health and happiness.


PS. I read the Urschel article – fascinating!