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Day 357: Chris

Day 357

The paper under this card to Chris is the Lotka paper mentioned below.

The holidays for me are always a time to reflect on the year – to reflect on things that I am thankful for. I’m fortunate to work with some terrific people – on them is Chris. She used to be my boss – then we added another layer of management (organizations like to do that!) and now she is my boss’s boss.

It is a real pleasure and honor to work on her team. She likes to write handwritten letters to people so I made her some homemade stationery from supplies I picked up at Paper Source.

Day 357-2


It is truly a pleasure to be a part of our team – thank you [for] your leadership and friendship. It’s a tremendous part of what makes working at WWF so enjoyable. 

Some of the cards I made from supplies from my local Paper Source store in Georgetown.

Some of the cards I made from supplies from my local Paper Source store in Georgetown.

I know you like to write handwritten notes so I made you some stationery – if you look closely you may even see some Lotka paper I used as envelope liners – they’re a highly renewable fiber made from a plant from Nepal. 

Happy New Year to you, Paul & Ned,

Day 271: Shubash

Connecticut Avenue Wine Liquor

This card features a homemade embossed tree

One of my favorite people that I get to work with is the recipient of today’s handwritten letter. Shubash is the quintessential colleague and friend. He moves through this world in a nimble manner, getting things done, inspiring others to join him all while being one of the most self-effacing individuals I know.

Shubash, who is originally from Nepal, once told me that it was ironic that he was so small yet came from a country with the tallest mountains. I chuckled when he told me that. The fact is, Shubash is a very big person – a great person.

Connecticut Avenue Wine Liquor-2


Traveling and spending time with you last week was truly a pleasure. I admire how you engage people, lead by example and inspire others. Working with you is an experience that bears little resemblance to the traditional idea of work and is more akin to working together on a project with a family member or a very good friend. Thank you for taking time to travel to New York and making the trip so enjoyable.


P.S. I hope that you, Sangeeta and Anil had a wonderful birthday celebration for Sunay.

Day 71: Peik

Day 71

I embossed this card myself!

I spent seven years working for a great company from Helsinki, Finland and through that experience I met some outstanding people and made friendships that I hope to keep for the rest of my life. One of those people is Peik. A Swedish speaking Finn with an affinity for classic cars, Peik was a fantastic colleague. He knew a little something about everything in the company and was always willing to help out when needed – even if it wasn’t directly related to his job. I had the pleasure of working with him in Arlington, VA and then from afar when I was based in Brazil and he was working for the company at the headquarters in Finland.

Today is his 41st birthday and I wanted to wish him well. He and his wife, Kitty, send me a nice holiday card every year and I am usually so bad about those kind of things I never get to mailing my own – I do buy them though! Hopefully this is a start of being better at keeping in touch with Peik and Kitty and a lot of other friends I haven’t written to in years.

Day 71-2

Moi Peik!

Grattis på födelsedagen! 

I hope you had a great birthday and apologize that this surely arrived well after your birthday – but hopefully you are so surprised to get a letter that you will forgive the timing.

I hope that this letter finds you, Kitty, Leo and Elsie doing well. Life here is good. I continue to do consulting work – mostly for WWF. No Mrs. Sandridge yet and not little Sandridges that I know of. My brother Ryan and his wife Mandy are expecting their second child within the week. I’m really enjoying being an uncle to my beautiful 2-year-old niece Jacqueline.

I read a little about MODZ – sounds like a great company. Congratulations on the new challenges.

It’s nice that you and Kitty post photos on Facebook of you and the kids – seeing Leo and Elsie grow up!

I hope to get to Finland some day soon…you are always welcome here in DC. I have such good memories of the time you and Kitty were here.


Day 8: Brian

I worked for Brian seven years ago – his enthusiasm coupled with his business and marketing acumen make him one hell of a leader. My business took me within a few miles of his Carlisle, MA home and it worked out for us to grab a beer together. By the way – I found this wonderful Arturo stationery at Rugg Road Paper Company on Charles Street in downtown Boston. The natural rough edges give it a subtle sophisticated character.

Brian H Day 8



It was great to catch up on Tuesday – by far the highlight of my trip. You always energize me and inspire me to look at issues from new vantage points. I wish you, Danielle and the kids a 2015 teeming with good health and happiness.


PS. I read the Urschel article – fascinating!