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Day 100: Dr. Wareham

I made it to Day 100!

I wanted to find someone special to send my letter to today – and I found someone! Meet Dr. Wareham: a centenarian from Loma Linda, CA who up to five years ago was still working. And while he retired as a cardiothoracic surgeon at 74, he continued working and teaching until five years ago.

Check out this report from Dr. Sanjay Gupta – his story promises to inspire you!

Here’s to 265 more handwritten letters and long lives for all of us.

Day 100

Dear Dr. Wareham,

I hope my letter finds you and Mrs. Wareham doing well. Your story featured by Dr. Sanjay Gupta inspired me to write you a letter. I have a commitment to write a handwritten letter every day for a year and today is day 100. As I celebrate 100 handwritten letters this year I can’t think of anyone else better to share this moment with than someone who is 100 and is living life to the fullest. 

I've been embossing the letter numbers on some of the envelopes.

I’ve been embossing the letter numbers on some of the envelopes.

Your story was particularly moving for me because of your lifelong work as a cardiothoracic surgeon. My mother suffered three heart attacks, the first of which she had at the age of 40. She died in 2006 at the age of 63. I’m 41 now and know that this family history doesn’t bode well for me and my risk of developing coronary artery disease is considerably higher.

Your blood cholesterol of 117 is phenomenal and encourages me to continue working at improving my health. You’ve inspired me to reduce my meat consumption even further – maybe even eliminate it all together.

If you have any specific advice for me or suggestions of resources to help me improve my health, I’d love to hear from you. 

With deep admiration and respect,
Reed Sandridge

Day 71: Peik

Day 71

I embossed this card myself!

I spent seven years working for a great company from Helsinki, Finland and through that experience I met some outstanding people and made friendships that I hope to keep for the rest of my life. One of those people is Peik. A Swedish speaking Finn with an affinity for classic cars, Peik was a fantastic colleague. He knew a little something about everything in the company and was always willing to help out when needed – even if it wasn’t directly related to his job. I had the pleasure of working with him in Arlington, VA and then from afar when I was based in Brazil and he was working for the company at the headquarters in Finland.

Today is his 41st birthday and I wanted to wish him well. He and his wife, Kitty, send me a nice holiday card every year and I am usually so bad about those kind of things I never get to mailing my own – I do buy them though! Hopefully this is a start of being better at keeping in touch with Peik and Kitty and a lot of other friends I haven’t written to in years.

Day 71-2

Moi Peik!

Grattis på födelsedagen! 

I hope you had a great birthday and apologize that this surely arrived well after your birthday – but hopefully you are so surprised to get a letter that you will forgive the timing.

I hope that this letter finds you, Kitty, Leo and Elsie doing well. Life here is good. I continue to do consulting work – mostly for WWF. No Mrs. Sandridge yet and not little Sandridges that I know of. My brother Ryan and his wife Mandy are expecting their second child within the week. I’m really enjoying being an uncle to my beautiful 2-year-old niece Jacqueline.

I read a little about MODZ – sounds like a great company. Congratulations on the new challenges.

It’s nice that you and Kitty post photos on Facebook of you and the kids – seeing Leo and Elsie grow up!

I hope to get to Finland some day soon…you are always welcome here in DC. I have such good memories of the time you and Kitty were here.


Day 51: Ms. Brennan, US Postmaster General

On this day in 1792, President George Washington signed the Postal Service Act which created the U.S. Postal Service and outlined the congressional power to establish mail routes. So, it seemed appropriate to write to our new Postmaster General. Megan Brennan took over the 500,000 employee organization on February 1st.


Day 51

Dear Ms. Brennan,

Congratulations on becoming the 74th, and first female, Postmaster General!

Today marks the 223rd anniversary of President George Washington signing the Postal Service Act into law and outlining the congressional power to establish mail routes in our country. In observance of this occasion, I took this opportunity to reflect on our postal system and the how it has changed in the recent years.

I’m just another one of your 300 million customers. That said, I’m responsible for generating at least one first class single piece mail item every day (you’re welcome). I know that’s not much when you consider the 513 million mail pieces that you deliver every day, but perhaps I can suggest a way to increase your first class single piece mail business.

Day 51I’ve committed to sending one handwritten letter every day for a year – you’re Day 51. Many people tell me that they have been inspired by my project to write more letters. This is a good thing for you. Now, my platform isn’t such that the ripples of my project alone are likely to make a noticeable difference for you, but from someone who specializes in helping organizations strategically use story to achieve business objectives, I see an opportunity for you to invest in nontraditional marketing efforts to fuel more of these kinds of endeavors. It’s not that Americans lack a desire to write and send letters, we lack inspiration. And inspiration can be created.

Just an idea. If you share my vision that an opportunity exists and want to explore this further, you know where to find me.

Reed Sandridge

PS. I grew up “down the road” from you in Mechanicsburg.