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Day 171: Korrin

You may recall that I stumbled upon Lovely Handwritten Notes, another letter writing project here in DC, a few months ago…I even sent them a letter and they sent me one back.

I had an idea I wanted to share with Korrin, who started Lovely Handwritten Notes. I decided to send her one of my new cards I got courtesy of the good people at 1canoe2.

Day 171-2 Day 171


It was so nice to receive your note and learn that LHN is back up and running. Since we both live in DC and share a passion for handwritten notes, I was thinking thqt we should get together. I started doing some meet-ups where people come together to write their letters – usually an hour or two at a coffee shop on a Saturday morning. I was thinking that we might try to plan one together and unite the DC letter writing community.

What do you think?

Sunday Notes & Letters for Week 16

Yesterday I celebrated my 100th handwritten letter of the year. I use the term “celebrated” loosely – I had a small pour of bourbon and reflected on the past 100 days. Realizing that it had been almost two months since I updated the statistics page, I sat down and tallied the numbers on my letter-writing journey so far.

This is a very nice bourbon that my boss gave to me.

This is a very nice bourbon that my boss gave to me.

I’m averaging about one handwritten response for every ten letters I send out. While that sounds low, it’s a vast improvement over the numbers I reported earlier this year. One out of three letters I am sending out is acknowledged in some way – either by email, Facebook, a phone call or tweet. Friends and family make up about 34% of the recipients while celebrities and known individuals account for 20%.

I’ve been surprised about some of the people I have not heard back from. Usually when you write to someone holding a public office, you get a response. I didn’t receive even a standard form letter back from Muriel Bowser, our city’s new mayor. Equally silent were the CEO of Trader Joe’s, the folks at FitBit, the U.S. Postmaster General, Lazlo Toth and Teddy. That’s ok – I’ve received some very nice responses and even a handful of letters from people I’ve never met but who found inspiration in the blog to start writing more.

Speaking of inspiration – this beautiful weather is inspiring me to get outside. Enjoy your Sunday.

Sunday Notes and Letters for Week 13

I’m now into the 13th week of my year-long journey of letter-writing. I am enjoying it immensely – and I’m surprised by how many people have told me that they have written someone a handwritten letter because of my efforts. Maybe we’ll start a mini writing revolution.

I’ve been thinking about throwing a party at the end of the year and inviting everyone who has been following along as well as those who I’ve written to during the year – and of course anyone who has written me a handwritten letter! I did that with they Year of Giving and it was a lot of fun. Stay tuned for details and if you have any ideas or suggestions on how to make the party unique, please drop me a note.

The letter from Mr. and Mrs. Bresnan

The thoughtful letter from Mr. and Mrs. Bresnan

I recently received a very nice handwritten letter from Mr. and Mrs. Bresnan who I wrote on Day 45. It was a thoughtful note on nice monogramed stationery. I had asked them for advice on writing good letters – they said, “I don’t think you need any tips on what makes a great letter. You certainly have that down pat.” That was very kind of them to say.

I’ll share one last item with you. Last Monday Bernhard “Buddy” Elias, a cousin of Anne Frank, died at the age of 89. He was the teenage Holocaust diarist’s last close relative. Anne Frank started a diary on her 13th birthday and kept it until she and her family were discovered and arrested. She later died in the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp 70 years ago this March.

Berhnard “Buddy” Elias Photo: Doug Mills/The New York Times

She wrote regularly to Kitty – the name she gave to her diary. Through her diaries we get to know her and discover what it was like to be jewish during Nazi controlled Europe during WWII. Her father Otto, the only member of her immediate family to survive the concentration camps, later said of her diaries, “There, was revealed a completely different Anne to the child that I had lost. I had no idea of the depths of her thoughts and feelings.”

Buddy Elias was the president of the Anne Frank Fond which has the original diaries. When you look at how she filled the pages, the steady strokes of broad ink that she used, the way it was organized, you learn more about her than just the words. She even made an entry talking about her fountain pen – a prized possession of hers that she received as a gift from her grandmother when she was nine.

frankdiaryThinking about the this part of history makes my stomach curl. I find it unbelievable that something so horrible could have happened so recently. And while my heart aches when I read through her diaries, I’m thankful for them. Because of her determination to document her story, generations to come will never forget the Franks and know that for every Anne Frank there were millions of others whose story we sadly may never know.

RIP Mr. Elias.

Day 51: Ms. Brennan, US Postmaster General

On this day in 1792, President George Washington signed the Postal Service Act which created the U.S. Postal Service and outlined the congressional power to establish mail routes. So, it seemed appropriate to write to our new Postmaster General. Megan Brennan took over the 500,000 employee organization on February 1st.


Day 51

Dear Ms. Brennan,

Congratulations on becoming the 74th, and first female, Postmaster General!

Today marks the 223rd anniversary of President George Washington signing the Postal Service Act into law and outlining the congressional power to establish mail routes in our country. In observance of this occasion, I took this opportunity to reflect on our postal system and the how it has changed in the recent years.

I’m just another one of your 300 million customers. That said, I’m responsible for generating at least one first class single piece mail item every day (you’re welcome). I know that’s not much when you consider the 513 million mail pieces that you deliver every day, but perhaps I can suggest a way to increase your first class single piece mail business.

Day 51I’ve committed to sending one handwritten letter every day for a year – you’re Day 51. Many people tell me that they have been inspired by my project to write more letters. This is a good thing for you. Now, my platform isn’t such that the ripples of my project alone are likely to make a noticeable difference for you, but from someone who specializes in helping organizations strategically use story to achieve business objectives, I see an opportunity for you to invest in nontraditional marketing efforts to fuel more of these kinds of endeavors. It’s not that Americans lack a desire to write and send letters, we lack inspiration. And inspiration can be created.

Just an idea. If you share my vision that an opportunity exists and want to explore this further, you know where to find me.

Reed Sandridge

PS. I grew up “down the road” from you in Mechanicsburg.