Day 49: Lovely Handwritten Notes

So I found this site Lovely Handwritten Notes and thought that I should definitely write to them! Unfortunately, it looks like there hasn’t been new posts on the website for quite some time, but perhaps I will still get a response – and some tips!

Day 49

Dear friend,

I stumbled upon your project today and was surprised that I hadn’t heard of it until now. Even more of a surprise was that you live right here in Washington, DC. We might be neighbors!

We share a common passion for handwritten communication – it’s truly unique and has the power to transmit so much more thoughtfulness and compassion than electronic messages. Our penmanship conveys a higher level of communication than the words themselves.

I wanted to write to you and congratulate you on your Lovely Handwritten Notes project and also see if you had any advice for my Year of Letters project – perhaps we could meet for coffee sometime?

Warm regards,

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