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Day 357: Chris

Day 357

The paper under this card to Chris is the Lotka paper mentioned below.

The holidays for me are always a time to reflect on the year – to reflect on things that I am thankful for. I’m fortunate to work with some terrific people – on them is Chris. She used to be my boss – then we added another layer of management (organizations like to do that!) and now she is my boss’s boss.

It is a real pleasure and honor to work on her team. She likes to write handwritten letters to people so I made her some homemade stationery from supplies I picked up at Paper Source.

Day 357-2


It is truly a pleasure to be a part of our team – thank you [for] your leadership and friendship. It’s a tremendous part of what makes working at WWF so enjoyable. 

Some of the cards I made from supplies from my local Paper Source store in Georgetown.

Some of the cards I made from supplies from my local Paper Source store in Georgetown.

I know you like to write handwritten notes so I made you some stationery – if you look closely you may even see some Lotka paper I used as envelope liners – they’re a highly renewable fiber made from a plant from Nepal. 

Happy New Year to you, Paul & Ned,

Day 344: Anonymous letter left at Harris Teeter

I was over at the Harris Teeter today and thought I’d leave my letter there at the ATM machine. It seemed appropriate as I had tucked a few dollars inside for the lucky recipient of today’s letter. There was a woman who was taking forever to get money out of the machine, so I wandered upstairs and found some bright yellow bananas that were a perfect backdrop for my aubergine colored envelope from Paper Source. I should have snagged a photo of it sitting there amongst the bananas, but I thought that my draw too much attention my way.

Day 344


Thanks for taking a chance and opening this letter. Here’s a small gift for you to do whatever you would like to with it. Enjoy.

Have a great day,


Day 342: Uncle Jim

I used some items from Paper Source to make this card.

I used some items from Paper Source to make this card.

My uncle Jim’s birthday is today – I am pretty sure that he is turning 86. He has had a rough couple of years with his health but he’s a fighter. That shouldn’t surprise me, he’s a Command Sergeant Major Retired from the U.S. Army. He’s a man of few words, I treasure each of them.

Day 342-2

Uncle Jim,

This will not get to you on time and I apologize, but, I did want you to know that I am thinking about you today and hope that you had a wonderful birthday. It was good to see you and spend time with you in October. I have shoulder surgery planned for January and wont be able to travel for a while, but I hope to get down to Kingsport by springtime.

Happy Birthday!


Day 302: Steven Weitzman

I found out that the artist of one of my favorite pieces of art in our nation’s capital, literally in the Capitol, lives just a few miles outside of the District. I thought I’d let him know that his beautifully crafted bronze statue of Frederick Douglass inspires me every time I see it.

Day 302-3


As a resident of our nation’s capital, I’m accustomed to walking by monuments and statues. I cruise down hallways of some of the most iconic buildings in America and don’t stop to appreciate the artistry on display.

I created this tree on the front of the card, then realized I wrote the card upside down so the tree seems like it's on the back of the card!

I created this tree on the front of the card, then realized I wrote the card upside down so the tree seems like it’s on the back of the card!

Often times when I do take an interest in a piece of art or the masterfully painted ceiling, I am unaware of the artist or if I do find out who it was, they’re more than likely deceased. So when I learned that you were the creator of the Frederick Douglass bronze statue that captivates visitors to the U.S. Capitol, I wanted to write you to let you know that your work moved me. Its beauty and power are striking, doing tremendous justice to one of the most charismatic and influential leaders in our history. Brilliant!

With great admiration,
Reed Sandridge

P.S. Ooops – I just realized I wrote this upside down.

Day 217: Anthony Foxx, Secretary of Transportation

Google's Doodle of the Day for August 5, 2015.

Google’s Doodle of the Day for August 5, 2015.

Good morning! If you search for something on Google today, you’ll seee their Doodle above which is paying tribute to the 101st anniversary of the first electric traffic light in the U.S. It got me thinking about something that has been bothering me for some time. Nobody likes a critique who doesn’t offer a solution, so I thought I would do just that and send a suggestion to our Secretary of Transportation, Anthony Foxx. It might just make the roads a whole lot safer.

Day 217

Dear Mr. Secretary, 

101 years ago today the American Traffic Signal Company installed the U.S.’s first electric traffic signal system on the corner of East 105th Street and Euclid Avenue in Cleveland, Ohio. The anniversary of this event inspired me to write to you today.


Photo: LATimes.com

I’m colorblind and struggle deciphering traffic signals when it is dark and I can’t see the order of the lights. There seems to be a simple solution to this: create unique shapes for each color. Red could be a square, yellow a triangle and green a circle.

I know that some cities outside of the U.S. are experimenting with this (Quebec for example) – why don’t we start rolling this out as we replace signal lights? It just might save some lives.

Thank you for your time and consideration,
Reed Sandridge