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Day 357: Chris

Day 357

The paper under this card to Chris is the Lotka paper mentioned below.

The holidays for me are always a time to reflect on the year – to reflect on things that I am thankful for. I’m fortunate to work with some terrific people – on them is Chris. She used to be my boss – then we added another layer of management (organizations like to do that!) and now she is my boss’s boss.

It is a real pleasure and honor to work on her team. She likes to write handwritten letters to people so I made her some homemade stationery from supplies I picked up at Paper Source.

Day 357-2


It is truly a pleasure to be a part of our team – thank you [for] your leadership and friendship. It’s a tremendous part of what makes working at WWF so enjoyable. 

Some of the cards I made from supplies from my local Paper Source store in Georgetown.

Some of the cards I made from supplies from my local Paper Source store in Georgetown.

I know you like to write handwritten notes so I made you some stationery – if you look closely you may even see some Lotka paper I used as envelope liners – they’re a highly renewable fiber made from a plant from Nepal. 

Happy New Year to you, Paul & Ned,

Day 182: Katie

Katie is a friend and former colleague of mine. I’ve been living vicariously through her this past year as she is attending the London School of Economics and traveling to fun places throughout Europe.

Day 182

I added some washi tape to the top of this paper as well as to the back of the envelope to dress it up a bit. Also, another recycled envelope liner that I made from a Paper Source bag.


I hope my letter finds you well. And who knows when you’ll get this because you seem to be quite the traveller (see I used the British spelling for you!) these days. I’ve followed your jaunts around London, your travelling adventures to Italy (I also loved Cinque Terre…and a charming little town called San Gimignano, I don’t think you went there), Portugal, Spain…you do such a wonderful job of sharing interesting images and story – it’s almost as if you bring us along with you.

While you’re on your fantastic year-long tour of Europe, I hope that on occasion you find the time to discover an absolutely splendid place called the London School of Economics – I hear it is a remarkable institution. Seriously, I hope you are enjoying this experience. I know it wasn’t an easy decision to quit your job and take this giant leap of faith across the ocean, but I doubt that you question it one bit now as you look back. We often overestimate what we have and underestimate what we can gain by trying something new. I’ve lived I’ve lived abroad in three different countries and loved each experience.

I look forward to getting together sometime when you are back on this side of the pond. Until then, enjoy the rest of your time in Europe!


P.S. I saw that you were selected to run in the NYC Marathon – that’s awesome!