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Day 344: Anonymous letter left at Harris Teeter

I was over at the Harris Teeter today and thought I’d leave my letter there at the ATM machine. It seemed appropriate as I had tucked a few dollars inside for the lucky recipient of today’s letter. There was a woman who was taking forever to get money out of the machine, so I wandered upstairs and found some bright yellow bananas that were a perfect backdrop for my aubergine colored envelope from Paper Source. I should have snagged a photo of it sitting there amongst the bananas, but I thought that my draw too much attention my way.

Day 344


Thanks for taking a chance and opening this letter. Here’s a small gift for you to do whatever you would like to with it. Enjoy.

Have a great day,


Day 338: Anonymous letter left in Starbucks

So I kind of messed up on today’s letter. I was supposed to leave it yesterday, but my schedule got screwed up and I ended up not having time. So today I wandered over to the Starbucks at Connecticut Avenue and R. I found a nice spot on a counter in front of colorful blue and red bags of coffee that are for sale.

I didn’t a bit more put the letter down and two young ladies walked in and picked it up. Wow, that was fast. They opened it up and then moved to a table where it looked like they were Googling the Year of Letters.

The line wasn’t moving and I was late for meeting up with some relatives so I headed out without my coffee, but at least I hopefully brightened someone else’s day.

Anonymous letter left at Dupont Starbucks

Anonymous letter left at Dupont Starbucks

I thought I would help you start your weekend off right. Your coffee is on me today. Enjoy!

Day 197: Uncle Ted

Years ago, my Uncle Ted was a fan of a series of Bud Lite commercials that featured a guy who would pretend to be other people just to get Bud Lite. Here’s one of the commercials.

Anyway, as a joke I started sending him postcards from around the country and eventually around the world that were addressed to him or “current resident.” They just said, “Yes I am!” on the cards. There was no sender name or return address. I’d address postcards and give them to people who were traveling and ask them to drop them in the mail to try to throw him off my trail.

I chose a post card of a painting by Juan Gris. No reason really...just an old post card I found in my shoe box of letters.

I chose a postcard with artwork from Spanish painter Juan Gris. No reason really…just an old post card I found in my shoe box of letters.

“I just got one from Tokyo other day,” he told me one holiday suspecting that I was behind the gag. I looked at him square in the eye and honestly replied, “Well, I’ve never been to Tokyo, heck I haven’t been to Asia. What about Doug?” I brought up his son, my cousin, to hopefully offer some other plausible culprit. He wasn’t buying it but I never admitted to being the sender of these postcards. Who knows how many he got in total.

Well, that was probably 10 years ago at least. My aunt and uncle don’t even live in the same state anymore. But I was thinking I should resurrect this prank. So I had a coworker address this so that he wouldn’t recognize my handwriting and I will think of a clever place to send it from.


Now, if you know my Uncle Ted…I ask you to keep this our little secret. Come along and see what happens.

Day 197-2

Yes I Am!


Day 139: Anonymous letter left at New York Mets Citi Field

Day 139-2I love going to baseball stadiums to watch America’s pastime. There’s something nostalgic for me, something that brings me back to my childhood when I hear the crack of the bat or catch a waft of hot dogs and spilled beer.

When I was 12 my Dad took me to see the New York Mets play the Houston Astros in Game 5 of the National League playoffs. Back then it was Shea Stadium, now they play at Citi Field. I’m no longer a die-hard Mets fan, in fact, I’m actually more of a Nationals fan today, but I have a soft spot for the Mets.

As I am in New York, I decided to head out to the ballpark and watch the Mets take on the St. Louis Cardinals. I thought it would be fun to leave a letter at the stadium for some unsuspecting fan. My ticket was up on the 400 level and I wanted to leave the letter up there, instead of down on the lower levels where people certainly didn’t need the money – oh, I almost forgot to mention, I left a ten-spot in the letter.

The game was fun, even though the Mets got crushed 10-2 by the Cardinals. Maybe we’ll hear from the lucky fan who found my letter.


I had to write this note on hotel stationery. I also tucked $10 in the envelope so that the finder could treat themselves to a beer or some snacks.

I had to write this note on hotel stationery. I also tucked $10 in the envelope so that the finder could treat themselves to a beer or some snacks.

“90% of my salary I’ll spend on good times, women and Irish whiskey. The other 10% I’ll probably waste.”
-Tug McGraw
Former New York Mets Pitcher

Ballgames can be tough on your wallet – here’s a few bucks to help you out. Get yourself a hotdog, beer or a pretzel. Or buy something for someone else.


Day 84: Anonymous letter left in Berkey Creamery in State College, PA

Day 84-2I am in State College, PA today – the home of Penn State University. I decided to leave an anonymous letter at one of my favorite places here: Berkey Creamery.

As a land grant school, Penn State has a long history with agriculture. The Berkey Creamery opened exactly 150 years ago – that’s the main reason I stopped in, not for the ice cream, but to pay tribute to a historical institution.

They sell ice cream, butter, cheese, milk – they pretty much have any dairy product you can imagine. Their ice cream is delicious. Legend has it that on average only four days elapse between the cow and your newly dipped cone. That’s pretty awesome. My favorite flavor is the Cookies N Cream – a rich vanilla with chunks of Oreo cookies mixed together.

I left the letter on my chair. Two men quickly sat down – but I don’t think they saw the letter. They were too distracted by the massive mounds of ice cream that were piled on the cake cone. I don’t blame them. Hopefully someone finds the letter and drops us a note here on the blog.

I repurposed a colorful bag from the Paper Source to make the liner of this envelope.

I repurposed a colorful bag from the Paper Source to make the liner of this envelope.

“A person won’t remember if you send a thank you note, and they won’t forget if you don’t.”
-Mary Watt New

Hopefully receiving this will brighten your day and inspire you to send someone a handwritten note.