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Day 349: Anonymous letter left at PSU’s Berkey Creamery

Day 349-3So this is my third letter I have left at Berkey Creamery this year. You might rightfully think that I have an addiction to this place. I do. Their Cookies-n-Cream is awesome. I kind of lover everything about this place, except maybe that they don’t let you mix flavors. Actually that is not entirely true, they did allow Bill Clinton to do it when he visited in 1996 – the 42nd president requested Cherry Quist and Peachy Paterno.

I got a salad for lunch and followed it up with a small bowl – I told her to stop scooping – of Berkey’s deliciousness. I had a few minutes and decided to write a letter while I was there. Today is the 9-year anniversary of my mother’s death. She was an inspiration for my Year of Giving, where I gave away $10 to a stranger every day for a year while I was unemployed. So I thought, why not marry these projects today and leave a letter with a crisp Alexander Hamilton inside.

So where did I leave the letter? Well, here’s a hint. Go to Berkey’s and buy a half gallon of my favorite flavor – you just might find my letter in the freezer!

Day 349

Hi there!

I’ve made a commitment to write a handwritten letter every day for a year. A few years ago I gave away $10 every day for a year – that project started 6 years ago today – Dec. 15, 2009. I thought I would pay tribute to that anniversary ad include a tenner for you.

I carefully embossed this silver tree on the card and then dripped ice cream on it. Ooops.

I carefully embossed this silver tree on the card and then dripped ice cream on it. Ooops.

Did you know that Berkey Creamery was closing? Not for good – but probably about two months. That’s crazy right? What will people do? While I understand they need to do renovations – we the people need ice cream! So I suggest you stock up today – maybe get yourself an extra pint (go ahead – get the gallon!) with the $10.

Reed Sandridge

P.S. I highly recommend the Cookies-n-Cream.

Day 338: Anonymous letter left in Starbucks

So I kind of messed up on today’s letter. I was supposed to leave it yesterday, but my schedule got screwed up and I ended up not having time. So today I wandered over to the Starbucks at Connecticut Avenue and R. I found a nice spot on a counter in front of colorful blue and red bags of coffee that are for sale.

I didn’t a bit more put the letter down and two young ladies walked in and picked it up. Wow, that was fast. They opened it up and then moved to a table where it looked like they were Googling the Year of Letters.

The line wasn’t moving and I was late for meeting up with some relatives so I headed out without my coffee, but at least I hopefully brightened someone else’s day.

Anonymous letter left at Dupont Starbucks

Anonymous letter left at Dupont Starbucks

I thought I would help you start your weekend off right. Your coffee is on me today. Enjoy!

Day 258: Anonymous letter left at Glen’s Garden Market

I live near a great market/cafe called Glen’s Garden Market. They celebrated their two-year anniversary earlier this year. They’ve got lots of local produce and delicious sandwiches and salads, but they’ve also got great little bar that features all local beers that are all $4 all day long every day. Mmmm beer!

Anyway, I was over there today having lunch and talking to the owner Danielle who is making a really cool donation to a nonprofit that I help out with, and I decided to leave an anonymous letter some place in the market. I love their humus so I decided to put it in the cooler in front of the humus. I wish I’d captured a photo of the letter in the cooler but I thought people would see me putting the letter there, so I just left it there.

I decided to throw in a ten spot to brighten someone's day.

I decided to throw in a ten spot to brighten someone’s day.

Two things that everyone loves: free money and a handwritten letter. Get yourself some delicious local produce here at Glen’s, cook up something delicious and write someone who you’ve been meaning to reach out to – trust me, you’ll feel amazing!


Day 181: 2nd anonymous letter left at Penn State’s Berkey Creamery

Day 181-3

More awesome stationery from 1canoe2!

I woke up this morning in State College, PA. One of my favorite places to visit while I am there is the Berkey Creamery – you may recall I left another anonymous letter there on Day 84.

I was a bit disappointed because my schedule wasn’t going to allow me to stop in and have some of their delicious ice cream since I had to get on the road early this morning. But on a whim I visited their website to see what time they opened although I realized it would probably be noon or maybe 11am if I was lucky. Well, what do you know? They open at 7:00am! YES!!!

Ok, there weren't a lot of other people there eating ice cream. So what?

Ok, there weren’t a lot of other people there eating ice cream. So what?

I figured I had to have breakfast anyway, so I might as well stop by. I mean I was going to have cereal and ice cream’s main ingredient is also milk, so what’s the big difference?

I ordered my favorite: Cookies N Cream. Good old-fashioned Oreo cookie chunks smothered in rich vanilla ice cream. Most people were buttering their bagels or eating egg sandwiches, but there was one table, a family of four, who also enjoying some Berkey nirvana. I’m not going to lie. I was feeling pretty amazing with my choice. So good that I wanted to share that euphoria with someone else. So I left my letter there, but this time I decided to mix it up a bit and add some Alexander Hamilton love while he’s still on the tenner.

And thanks again to 1canoe2 for hooking me up with some new stationery!

Day 181-2

What’s better than having Berkey’s delicious ice cream for breakfast? You guessed it, nothing. Well, maybe finding an envelope with money inside while you’re eating your ice cream…yeah, I’m pretty sure that tops it.

Enjoy and share the love!

Day 167: Anonymous note left at blood lab

Yesterday was the Worldwide Day of Giving. It’s a day that celebrates altruistic giving and was born out of my first year-long project: the Year of Giving. It was a lot of fun and if you want to read the story about who I gave my $10 to, check out my blog post yesterday.

Today, I continued the giving. I went to GW Faculty Associates lab this morning to give some blood, well not really give, but have some collected to check my cholesterol. I don’t enjoy getting my blood taken, and don’t think I’m alone on this, so I thought I would leave an anonymous letter with a little surprise inside.

Day 167


Nobody likes to have lab work done – so here’s a little something to brighten your day. Who doesn’t like to find an envelope with money inside?