Day 258: Anonymous letter left at Glen’s Garden Market

I live near a great market/cafe called Glen’s Garden Market. They celebrated their two-year anniversary earlier this year. They’ve got lots of local produce and delicious sandwiches and salads, but they’ve also got great little bar that features all local beers that are all $4 all day long every day. Mmmm beer!

Anyway, I was over there today having lunch and talking to the owner Danielle who is making a really cool donation to a nonprofit that I help out with, and I decided to leave an anonymous letter some place in the market. I love their humus so I decided to put it in the cooler in front of the humus. I wish I’d captured a photo of the letter in the cooler but I thought people would see me putting the letter there, so I just left it there.

I decided to throw in a ten spot to brighten someone's day.

I decided to throw in a ten spot to brighten someone’s day.

Two things that everyone loves: free money and a handwritten letter. Get yourself some delicious local produce here at Glen’s, cook up something delicious and write someone who you’ve been meaning to reach out to – trust me, you’ll feel amazing!


5 responses to “Day 258: Anonymous letter left at Glen’s Garden Market

  1. What an amazing project! My friend found your letter and posted it on his Facebook page, which is how I found your site. It’s nice to see uplifting and positive things going on all around us!! 🙂

    • Hey, thanks for stopping by. Glad you enjoyed the project – it’s been amazing fun doing this all year. You should join Jim on January 5th at the year-end celebration. -Reed

  2. Hi there,
    I found your letter yesterday.
    It was a moment of utter surprise and joy.

    I was waiting for the crew to complete my sandwich, when I looked in the hummus case. For a moment, I looked at it through the case, looking back and forth, left and right, to see if anyone was watching. I had an odd feelin like I was being watched.
    I opened the display case, expecting to find a bible track, or an ad for a band I’ve never heard of.
    When I opened it, I began smiling and just was filled with an odd joy from something so simple. When I got to the end of your note, I knew whom I needed to write.
    I live in DC and will tell you the outcome at the reunion in January.
    Thanks again for making my night, twice. I used the $10 to go back and get a roasted chicken for tonight’s dinner.


    • Hey Jim,
      I’m glad you found the letter…I figured next to that humus (which is delicious I might add) there was no way it wouldn’t be spotted. I can imagine how you felt retrieving it, almost as if you were doing something you shouldn’t, that’s how I felt leaving it there! I was sure some kind person was going to run up to me and say, “Hey man, you forgot your letter in the cooler!”

      Anyway, very nice of you to follow up. I think the year-end party will be very close to the neighborhood where Glen’s is actually…so stay tuned!


      P.S. That roasted chicken is pretty amazing!

  3. Reed- I found your website because Jim found your letter at Glen’s and shared it on fb. I just wanted to tell you this is a really cool project and I know everyone who receives a letter from you smiles just a little more that day.

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