Day 197: Uncle Ted

Years ago, my Uncle Ted was a fan of a series of Bud Lite commercials that featured a guy who would pretend to be other people just to get Bud Lite. Here’s one of the commercials.

Anyway, as a joke I started sending him postcards from around the country and eventually around the world that were addressed to him or “current resident.” They just said, “Yes I am!” on the cards. There was no sender name or return address. I’d address postcards and give them to people who were traveling and ask them to drop them in the mail to try to throw him off my trail.

I chose a post card of a painting by Juan Gris. No reason really...just an old post card I found in my shoe box of letters.

I chose a postcard with artwork from Spanish painter Juan Gris. No reason really…just an old post card I found in my shoe box of letters.

“I just got one from Tokyo other day,” he told me one holiday suspecting that I was behind the gag. I looked at him square in the eye and honestly replied, “Well, I’ve never been to Tokyo, heck I haven’t been to Asia. What about Doug?” I brought up his son, my cousin, to hopefully offer some other plausible culprit. He wasn’t buying it but I never admitted to being the sender of these postcards. Who knows how many he got in total.

Well, that was probably 10 years ago at least. My aunt and uncle don’t even live in the same state anymore. But I was thinking I should resurrect this prank. So I had a coworker address this so that he wouldn’t recognize my handwriting and I will think of a clever place to send it from.


Now, if you know my Uncle Ted…I ask you to keep this our little secret. Come along and see what happens.

Day 197-2

Yes I Am!


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