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Day 271: Shubash

Connecticut Avenue Wine Liquor

This card features a homemade embossed tree

One of my favorite people that I get to work with is the recipient of today’s handwritten letter. Shubash is the quintessential colleague and friend. He moves through this world in a nimble manner, getting things done, inspiring others to join him all while being one of the most self-effacing individuals I know.

Shubash, who is originally from Nepal, once told me that it was ironic that he was so small yet came from a country with the tallest mountains. I chuckled when he told me that. The fact is, Shubash is a very big person – a great person.

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Traveling and spending time with you last week was truly a pleasure. I admire how you engage people, lead by example and inspire others. Working with you is an experience that bears little resemblance to the traditional idea of work and is more akin to working together on a project with a family member or a very good friend. Thank you for taking time to travel to New York and making the trip so enjoyable.


P.S. I hope that you, Sangeeta and Anil had a wonderful birthday celebration for Sunay.