Day 117: Robert

My friend Robert lost his father recently. As is the case more and more, I heard the news on Facebook – which is always an oddity for me. You want to show support but don’t necessarily want to “like” it on Facebook. So I decided to drop him a handwritten note.

Day 117 tequila

I got this shot glass at a going away party for Robert when he left DC a few years ago. Seemed fitting to us it today.

Robert was back in Louisville, KY this weekend with his family as they came together to celebrate his father’s life. And while I felt sad for my friend and his family, I could see through the photographs that they truly celebrated his life. And if his father is anything like Robert, he wouldn’t have wanted people to be sad, he probably would have preferred everyone to take a shot of tequila and get back to contributing to our community (unless that involved driving!)

So…here’s to Robert’s dad!

Day 117


I’m so sorry to hear about your father. I can only imagine what a wonderful and interesting man he was. It’s never easy losing the people we love the most and I hope that it somehow comforts you to know that others are keeping you in their thoughts.

Lots of love to you and your family,
Reed Sandridge




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