Sunday Notes & Letters for Week 28

Wow…so I am more than half way through the Year of Letters. In one way I am excited, but I caught myself thinking yesterday that this will be over in only x amount of days and that makes me sad. I’m having a so much fun.

Today I thought I would share some handwritten notes from The Terminator, Arnold Schwarzenegger. By the way, that’s awesome that spell check knows how to spell his name because I didn’t. Anyway, it seems that the former Mr. Universe and 38th governor of the state of California, is a fan of the handwritten note.

On Friday I read on the (I know, judge away) that Schwarzenegger had heard about a father who was suffering from mental illness and wasn’t acting himself. He agreed to watch the latest Terminator with his son and the son reported that his father smiled at one of the scenes – the first time he had smiled in months. The story found its way to the strong man and he wrote the father this personal note.

But that’s not the only time he’s penned some letters by hand. Check out these other two notes that I found.

Arnie letter

This letter was sent to a Reddit user named Came Out Sideways who had revealed to the actor that his films got him through chemotherapy. Image:


And then there was this note to Reddit fans (he’s a big fan of Reddit!) thanking them for wishing him a happy birthday in July of 2013. Image:

I might need to send him a letter – it seems I might just have a chance at getting a reply!

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