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Day 359: Santa Claus

Merry Christmas!

Today I share a personal grievance I’ve had with the pudgy, bearded one who bears gifts on this day. I’ve held this in for 23 years, but I simply cannot go on pretending like I’m fine about what happened. Because, I’m not.

Day 359

I hope you enjoyed the cookies and milk I left out for you – I see you left some of the cookies, you must be watching your figure.

Dear Santa,

Merry Christmas! I hope you made it safely back to the North Pole – you must be exhausted, delivering all those gifts around the world. Thankfully you enjoyed good weather in most parts of the U.S. – in fact it was so warm you must have been roasting in your suit.

gabrielleanwarI didn’t ask for anything this year. In fact, it’s been a long time since I have. It was 1992, the movie Scent of a Woman came out that year. While most people remember the film for Al Pacino’s portrayal of Lt. Col Frank Slade, my fondness of it is solely for Gabrielle Anwar – the stunningly beautiful brunette who glides across the dance floor with Slade in one of the scenes. I was in love with her and all I asked for that year was for you to bring her to me. Perhaps there wasn’t enough room on your sled or you couldn’t find her, but I was devastated when I woke up and found that she wasn’t under , uhm….the tree, that’s it. And while I did appreciate the photo you brought me of her, it fell way short of satisfying all of my desires.

Day 359-2Anyway, If you would like to make good on that today, I’d be ok with that and I’ll forgive the whole ’92 debacle. If you still can’t find her (I think she’s in Miami these days), I’ll settle for Charlize Theron or Brazilian model Adriana Lima. I’m flexible.

Thanks for all you do – it really is remarkable how much you get done in just one night.

Enjoy your 364 days off,
Reed Sandridge
PO Box 53065
Washington, DC 20009

Day 218: Jon Stewart

Photo: AP Photo/Brad Barket

Photo: AP Photo/Brad Barket

My second letter this year to a long standing (ok, sitting) host of late night television. Thanks for the memories Jon – see you at the party on January 5th!

Day 218

You’ve been coming into our living rooms, ahem…bedrooms perhaps, for more than 15 years. More importantly you’ve been informing us and entertaining us – you’re like a therapist only better. Sure, you listen, you process information and become an active voice in the conversation, only you cut through the charades and bullshit and deliver the medicine we need with a soothing spoonful of humor that makes the insanity of the reality – or is it the reality of the insanity? – somehow easier to swallow.

Day 218-3I’m writing you as part of a year-long commitment that I’ve made of writing handwritten letters every day. It’s a lost art – or as your pal Steve Carell said (I wrote him on Day 7), “Sending a handwritten letter is becoming such an anomaly. It’s disappearing. My mom is the only one who still writes me letters. And there’s something visceral about opening a letter – I see her on the page. I see her in her handwriting.” He’s so right.

While everyone is grilling you about what you will do next, my wish is that whatever you do, you find time to be with those you love – maybe even write them a letter. Speaking of you writing letters, a response from you would be the pinnacle of my Year of Letters. Right now that honor goes to either my father or an inspiring 100 year-old doctor from California who wrote me back. I also received a response from George W. Bush.

Anyway, good luck and thanks.

With respect and admiration and a bit of a man crush,
Reed Sandridge 

Day 218-2P.S. A wiser man than me once said, “Love what you do. Get good at it. Competence is a rare commodity in this day and age. And let the chips fall where they may.” Well played, sir.

P.P.S. Mark your calendar for January 5th, 2016 – I’m throwing a party for all 365 people who have received a letter this year. More details at YearOfLetters.com or email me at reed@yearofletters.com. Your drinks are on me!

Sunday Notes & Letters for Week 28

Wow…so I am more than half way through the Year of Letters. In one way I am excited, but I caught myself thinking yesterday that this will be over in only x amount of days and that makes me sad. I’m having a so much fun.

Today I thought I would share some handwritten notes from The Terminator, Arnold Schwarzenegger. By the way, that’s awesome that spell check knows how to spell his name because I didn’t. Anyway, it seems that the former Mr. Universe and 38th governor of the state of California, is a fan of the handwritten note.



On Friday I read on the HollywoodReporter.com (I know, judge away) that Schwarzenegger had heard about a father who was suffering from mental illness and wasn’t acting himself. He agreed to watch the latest Terminator with his son and the son reported that his father smiled at one of the scenes – the first time he had smiled in months. The story found its way to the strong man and he wrote the father this personal note.



But that’s not the only time he’s penned some letters by hand. Check out these other two notes that I found.

Arnie letter

This letter was sent to a Reddit user named Came Out Sideways who had revealed to the actor that his films got him through chemotherapy. Image: metro.co.uk


And then there was this note to Reddit fans (he’s a big fan of Reddit!) thanking them for wishing him a happy birthday in July of 2013. Image: dailydot.com

I might need to send him a letter – it seems I might just have a chance at getting a reply!

Day 79: Will Ferrell

I got a little behind on posting my letters…whose crazy idea was it anyways to write a letter every day of the year?

Last week my dad pointed out to me that Will Ferrell was playing in some pre-season baseball games. Sure enough, he was right. The actor and comedian set a record for playing for 10 different ball clubs in one day and even playing all ten positions. It was part of some sort of stunt (I know, you’re shocked right) for his Funny or Die website.

Ferrell running in to field a ball hit by Wellington Castillo. Photo: MLB

Ferrell running in to field a ball hit by Wellington Castillo. Photo: MLB

The 47-year-old self proclaimed journeyman was traded nine times on March 12. Here’s how it looked on the official record:

March 12, 2015: Signed by the Oakland A’s as an undrafted amateur free agent.
March 12, 2015: Traded to Seattle Mariners for Comedic Actor to be Named Later
March 12, 2015: Joined Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim in unknown transaction.
March 12, 2015: Traded to Chicago Cubs for a washing machine.
March 12, 2015: Traded to Arizona Diamondbacks for a Churro Dog and D-Bat Dog.
March 12, 2015: Claimed off waivers by Cincinnati Reds, Norm MacDonald released.
March 12, 2015: Granted unconditional release by Cincinnati Reds.
March 12, 2015: Signed by Chicago White Sox as Free Agent.
March 12, 2015: Traded to San Francisco Giants for unknown compensation.
March 12, 2015: Traded to Los Angeles Dodgers for unknown compensation.
March 12, 2015: Traded to San Diego Padres for unknown compensation.

My favorite trade was the one to the Diamondbacks in exchange for a Churro Dog and D-Bat Dog.

Day 79

Hey Will,

Day 79-2

I embossed a baseball mitt on the front of the card.

Congratulations on your recent feat of playing all 10 positions for 10 teams in one day!

I saw you playing center field for the Angels (the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim, not the California Angels that we grew up with). I think Mike Trout was getting nervous about keeping his spot on the team after you deftly fielded that rocket from Wellington Castillo – by the way I think that would be a great character name for you in a future film. I give you that idea free of charge. Anyway, it was absolute BS that they traded you to the Cubs for a washing machine – you’re better than that!

As Father Guido Sarducci used to say, “Way to Go!  Keep Up The Good Work!”
-Reed Sandridge

P.S. I met you years ago at President Bill Clinton’s office in Harlem. You looked scared when all of us staffers crowded around you. I’m sorry for that.

Day 79-3

Will Ferrell came to President Clinton’s office in 2009 when I was working for his foundation. The entire staff circled around the actor for a photo and he looked more uncomfortable than Ricky Bobby at a royal polo match with Prince William.



Day 65: Beau Willimon, House of Cards

House-of-CardsI just recently got hooked on House of Cards. This is typical – shows are out for years before I start watching them and I usually start watching them on Netflix and binge completely on an entire season.

Last weekend Season 3 came out and I spent the better part of my awake hours that weekend devouring the newest thirteen chapters.

I thought I would write the show’s creator, Beau Willimon. Why not? I doubt he’ll ever get my letter – I’m sending it to him in care of Netflix which is probably like sending a letter to Bono in care of Island Records. Note to self: write Bono.

SPOILER ALERT: This letter contains spoilers!



Congratulations on another excellent season of House of Cards. While I live here in Washington DC, 14 blocks from Frank and Claire’s home on Pennsylvania Avenue, I’ve never been into politics. Probably because I don’t have any interest in being a part of that world you so cleverly paint on the show. However, I do find myself addicted to the Underwoods’ saga.

Your fan,

PS. You do owe me a weekend though – I missed the last one due to Season 3 bingeing.
PSS. Why the (bleep) did you have to kill off Rachael?