Day 243: Dave Samples


Dave and his daughter

I have never met Dave Samples, but he is a close friend of relatives of mine. They shared Dave’s story and I was compelled to help.

Dave needs a new heart. And if that wasn’t difficult enough, before he can get the new heart he needs a device called a Left Ventricular Assist Device. To get one of these he and his family will have to temporarily move to Nashville, TN for two to three months for him to have the surgery and recover.

As you can imagine, this means a lot of added expenses. He and his family live pay check to pay check. In order to help get Dave his new heart, a crowdfunding page was created and I’ve contributed to his campaign. I hope that you will consider making a donation as well, every little bit helps. Dave’s life truly depends on it.

Day 243


Just a note to say hello to you and your family and let you know that I’ve made another donation to your Go Fund Me page. Also, I’ve linked your page on my Year of Letters blog and hopefully some of my followers will read about your story and consider making a donation. I wish you the best with the LVAD surgery.

Stay strong and stay in touch,

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