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Day 276: Bobby from Connecticut Ave. Wine & Liquor

Another thank you for one of the great supporters of the Street Sense Gala that I attended Thursday night. I’ve known Bobby and his team for several years – great bottle shop just footsteps from Dupont Circle.

Bobby and his team are terrific and they manage to pack their store with delicious beer, wine and spirits. Need to take a wine to a party? Stop in at 1529 Connecticut Ave. and tell Bobby or his team about what you are looking for and they’ll find you the perfect bottle for the occasion.

They’re my go to store for beer, wine and spirits and I am so touched that they so generously supported the Street Sense Gala. THANK YOU!

Day 276


I was so touched by your extremely generous and kind donation of wine and alcohol for the Street Sense Gala. The event was magical – I’ve never experienced a gala as inspiring as this one. It would not have been a success without your most generous donation and kindness. Thank you on behalf of all of the homeless men and women in DC that we work with to help find employment, housing and purpose in life.

My most sincere thanks,

Day 275: Brian from McClellan’s Retreat

Last night was the celebration of the twelfth anniversary of the founding of Street Sense, a nonprofit that I support. Street Sense is one of the most innovative organizations in helping men and women experiencing homelessness get training and find employment in the area of media and the arts.

The evening was spectacular, but it would not have been possible without the support of several organizations. I went to establishments that I regularly frequent and asked them if they would support this event. It was touching how generous the organizations were. Brian is the manager at one of DC’s best cocktail bars which happens to be just a stone’s throw away from my door step. McClellan’s Retreat donated a really cool package for four people to learn how to make three quintessential cocktails – and they get to drink them too!

Thanks to Brian and the entire team at McClellan’s Retreat!

Day 275


I wanted to send you a proper thank-you for your generous contribution to the Street Sense gala – it was an inspiring evening! It’s incredible how those experiencing homelessness can regain their lives, get back into housing, contribute to society, etc. when given the proper support and encouragement.

This is our biggest fundraiser and I appreciate you and McClellan’s Retreat helping to make it a success!


Day 243: Dave Samples


Dave and his daughter

I have never met Dave Samples, but he is a close friend of relatives of mine. They shared Dave’s story and I was compelled to help.

Dave needs a new heart. And if that wasn’t difficult enough, before he can get the new heart he needs a device called a Left Ventricular Assist Device. To get one of these he and his family will have to temporarily move to Nashville, TN for two to three months for him to have the surgery and recover.

As you can imagine, this means a lot of added expenses. He and his family live pay check to pay check. In order to help get Dave his new heart, a crowdfunding page was created and I’ve contributed to his campaign. I hope that you will consider making a donation as well, every little bit helps. Dave’s life truly depends on it.

Day 243


Just a note to say hello to you and your family and let you know that I’ve made another donation to your Go Fund Me page. Also, I’ve linked your page on my Year of Letters blog and hopefully some of my followers will read about your story and consider making a donation. I wish you the best with the LVAD surgery.

Stay strong and stay in touch,