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Day 276: Bobby from Connecticut Ave. Wine & Liquor

Another thank you for one of the great supporters of the Street Sense Gala that I attended Thursday night. I’ve known Bobby and his team for several years – great bottle shop just footsteps from Dupont Circle.

Bobby and his team are terrific and they manage to pack their store with delicious beer, wine and spirits. Need to take a wine to a party? Stop in at 1529 Connecticut Ave. and tell Bobby or his team about what you are looking for and they’ll find you the perfect bottle for the occasion.

They’re my go to store for beer, wine and spirits and I am so touched that they so generously supported the Street Sense Gala. THANK YOU!

Day 276


I was so touched by your extremely generous and kind donation of wine and alcohol for the Street Sense Gala. The event was magical – I’ve never experienced a gala as inspiring as this one. It would not have been a success without your most generous donation and kindness. Thank you on behalf of all of the homeless men and women in DC that we work with to help find employment, housing and purpose in life.

My most sincere thanks,

Day 275: Brian from McClellan’s Retreat

Last night was the celebration of the twelfth anniversary of the founding of Street Sense, a nonprofit that I support. Street Sense is one of the most innovative organizations in helping men and women experiencing homelessness get training and find employment in the area of media and the arts.

The evening was spectacular, but it would not have been possible without the support of several organizations. I went to establishments that I regularly frequent and asked them if they would support this event. It was touching how generous the organizations were. Brian is the manager at one of DC’s best cocktail bars which happens to be just a stone’s throw away from my door step. McClellan’s Retreat donated a really cool package for four people to learn how to make three quintessential cocktails – and they get to drink them too!

Thanks to Brian and the entire team at McClellan’s Retreat!

Day 275


I wanted to send you a proper thank-you for your generous contribution to the Street Sense gala – it was an inspiring evening! It’s incredible how those experiencing homelessness can regain their lives, get back into housing, contribute to society, etc. when given the proper support and encouragement.

This is our biggest fundraiser and I appreciate you and McClellan’s Retreat helping to make it a success!


Day 227: Max & Elaine

Max is a fellow member of the Board of Directors of Street Sense and has been a huge supporter of the organization. I took a moment today to write him and his wife to let them know how much it means to me and the other Board members.

Day 227

Dear Max and Elaine,

I know that Brian thanks you for your strong support of Street Sense, but as the Development Chair I wanted you to know how much your generous support means to me and of course the men and women we serve. Your leadership doesn’t go unnoticed. Thank you!

I look forward to seeing you at the Gala.

With gratitude,

Day 224: Carl

Today I dropped a thank you note to the father-in-law of a colleague of mine who writes for the Dallas Morning News. He generously took time to talk to me about Street Sense, an organization where I serve as a board member.

Day 224


I’ve always enjoyed reading the paper, but sitting down face to face with someone who’s been writing for a newspaper for 35 years is fascinating. I appreciate you taking time to talk with me – I enjoyed it immensely and appreciate the advice. By the way, this morning I picked you up a copy of the latest edition of Street Sense.

I look forward to reading more of your column,

P.S. I stayed up last night to watch the Nats lose 5-0 to the Dodgers. Let’s hope they can hang on!

Day 195: Brian and Lisa

Summer is a time for the beach, baseball and barbecues. Well, last weekend I didn’t go to the beach or catch any baseball games, but I did go over to the home of the Executive Director of Street Sense, Brian Carome, and his wife Lisa for a barbecue. Everyone there was connected in some way to the Street Sense Media Center, a collaborative where local filmmakers, photographers, poets, playwrights, visual and graphic artists, and audio storytellers work side-by-side with men and women experiencing homelessness to craft stories that challenge our perceptions of homelessness. The work produced in Media Center workshops over the last year has been nothing short of remarkable and it was nice to take a moment and just relax with this incredible group of people.

Day 195

Brian and Lisa, 

Thank you both so much for inviting me to your home for the BBQ. It was great to talk with you and so many other members of the Street Sense family. The food was outstanding – and while I didn’t have the pork since I’m not eating meat right now, everyone was raving about it. I probably should have cheated and just tried a bite. Anyway, I am buying that Weber Cookbook!

Thanks again – it was a wonderful evening.