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Day 276: Bobby from Connecticut Ave. Wine & Liquor

Another thank you for one of the great supporters of the Street Sense Gala that I attended Thursday night. I’ve known Bobby and his team for several years – great bottle shop just footsteps from Dupont Circle.

Bobby and his team are terrific and they manage to pack their store with delicious beer, wine and spirits. Need to take a wine to a party? Stop in at 1529 Connecticut Ave. and tell Bobby or his team about what you are looking for and they’ll find you the perfect bottle for the occasion.

They’re my go to store for beer, wine and spirits and I am so touched that they so generously supported the Street Sense Gala. THANK YOU!

Day 276


I was so touched by your extremely generous and kind donation of wine and alcohol for the Street Sense Gala. The event was magical – I’ve never experienced a gala as inspiring as this one. It would not have been a success without your most generous donation and kindness. Thank you on behalf of all of the homeless men and women in DC that we work with to help find employment, housing and purpose in life.

My most sincere thanks,

Day 208: Andrew

A while back I went to a barbecue – you may recall my thank you note on Day 195 to Brian and Lisa for being such gracious hosts. I took them a bottle of Bluecoat Gin – I recalled that Brian doesn’t drink much beer any more but thought that he liked gin. Actually, at some point that evening I realized I think he drinks vodka martinis instead – so I kind of screwed up. But not really right? You can’t go wrong with a bottle of nice gin.

When I bought it I noticed that it came with a $3 rebate. Nobody sends those things in right? Well, I did. And look what I got in response.

My $3 rebate along with a handwritten note from the President and Founder of Philadelphia Distilling.

My $3 rebate along with a handwritten note from the President and Founder of Philadelphia Distilling.

Pretty cool. It’s like he knew I was a fan of nice stationery, handwritten notes and quality spirits. If he wants to send me some spirits to try, I’m game! I could host a little get-together here at my place and feature all of Philadelphia Distilling’s spirits. Now we’re thinking.

Anyway, I decided that their President deserved one of the Year of Letters.

Day 208


Mmmm, a Blackberry Bramble.

Mmmm, a Blackberry Bramble.

I received your handwritten note and $3 in the mail today in response to my purchase of your Bluecoat gin. Thank you! I gave your bottle as a gift – so I have not tried it yet but look forward to making a Bluecoat Blackberry Bramble or Last Word with it. Anyway, very classy to send me a note. Keep on sending them – you’ll win the hearts (and livers) of discerning fans of fine spirits everywhere.


Day 19: Kimon

Thank you notes are always better when handwritten. It shows that it meant enough to you that you spent the extra time time to show them you care. I’ve been friends with Kimon since high school. Friday, he gave me an early birthday present: a bottle of District Made Vodka and a Washington Nationals koozie. Both are much appreciated and will definitely be enjoyed.

And check out the numbering on the bottle – I’ve got one of the first 500 bottles ever made by this new distillery!



I enjoyed hanging out on Friday and while it was totally unnecessary, I very much appreciate the bottle of District Made Vodka and the Nats Koozie! You are such a generous friend. I didn’t even know there was a vodka distillery in DC. I look forward to trying it with you. Thanks again,


Let's go Nats!

Let’s go Nats!