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Day 272: Trea Turner, Washington Nationals


Turner heads for the dugout after hitting his first big league home run.

Trea Turner is a 22-year-old professional baseball player. He’s one of the fastest players in the game. When he played at NC State, he stole 57 bases which was more than the team total of 158 Division I teams. Tonight he proved not only is he fast and a good defensive player, but he can also hit the ball out of the park.

You’ve got to check this guy out. It’s not just that he’s talented, there is something about him that seems to embody the love of the game. It was a lot of fun to watch him hit that home run tonight.

Day 272

Dear Trea,

First and foremost, congratulations on making your big-league debut back in August and for hitting your first home run tonight. As I live in DC, I was watching the game on MASN – what a great shot. Seeing how happy you were made my day!

When you get on base, the game gets exciting – it reminds me a bit of one of my childhood heroes, Mookie Wilson. He was a great base stealer – but I’m pretty sure you’re faster.

I’ve written to Clint, Jayson, Yunel – heck I even wrote to Teddy about the Presidents Race. So far, none have responded. Maybe you’ll be the first! I believe in you.

Best of luck to you – the future looks bright,

P.S. Who was the first person you called after you hit the home run?

Day 72: Anne

One of the people that has been faithfully following my blog is Anne from Mentor, Ohio. I’ve never met Anne in person but you start to get to know the people who follow your blogs even if you’ve never met them face to face. Words to describe the relationship you have with people you follow or who follow you on social media escape me right now. If anyone has a good narrative to explain this unique relationship, send it my way.

I dropped Anne a note in the mail this morning. I thought I would make a liner for her envelope too so I took some wrapping paper that I have had in my apartment for a long time – I don’t use it because it is quite floral, probably leftover from something an ex-girlfriend bought. Anyway, I thought it might make an appropriate liner and it turned out quite nice if I don’t say so myself!

Happy Friday everyone!

Day 72

I made a few blunders in the letter which thankfully I caught before sealing it. I corrected them (after I snapped this photo) before mailing it.


Dear Anne,

You are one of the most devoted followers of my Year of Letters. I’m touched by your interest in the project and am happy to be on this journey with you. I believe we both share a love for baseball. I’m very excited for the 2015 season although the media are saying that 2015 is their (Nationals) year to win it all – no pressure on them now! I’ve been thinking about having a baseball theme for the letters in the month of April to celebrate the start of the season – what do you think about that? Thanks again for joining me on this adventure – take care and stay in touch.

Warm regards,

P.S. Do any of your students write cursive?


Week 8 Notes and Letters

A great week for the Year of Letters. I received three responses in the mail – well sorta.

First, I received a letter from Caroline Fraser Zinsser. Her husband, William Zinsser, was the recipient of my 22nd letter. Now 92, the authority on writing well for the past half century, is now blind she explained to me and unable to reply, but she offered his phone number and let me know that I could call him. Wow! I haven’t called yet, I am not sure what I would tell him other than I think he’s a genius but he doesn’t need me wasting his time to tell him that.

Week 8Second, I received a letter from Margaret at the Hotel Monaco regarding my letter to General Manager Mart Hurlburt on January 6th requesting that my gift certificate for a one-night stay in their Alexandria, VA hotel be extended – I let it expire. She kindly offered to grant me the extension – thank you Margaret and thank you to Hotel Monaco!!! I’m a big fan of their hotels, but I have yet to stay in their Alexandria property so I am looking forward to that.

The last response I received wasn’t really a response I guess. You may remember that on Day 35 I wrote a letter to Jayson Werth of the Washington Nationals. He was serving a short sentence in the Fairfax County Adult Detention Center for a reckless driving incident last year. I figured he would have some free time to read my letter – but I don’t believe he ever saw it. My letter had been opened, inspected, taped shut and returned to me.

Finally, I want to congratulate Katy from Day 22. She was the co-producer of Citizenfour – the Edward Snowden documentary that took home the Oscar tonight for Best Documentary. She’s amazing.

Get ready for another week of handwritten letters. Do you have someone you think I should write? Let me know. And how about you, when is the last time you penned a handwritten letter to someone. Try to write at least one this week – you’ll be glad you did!

Day 35: A Letter to Jayson Werth

Photo: Washington Post

Photo: Washington Post

I’m a huge Nationals fan. Two months ago today Washington Nationals’ right fielder Jayson Werth was convicted of reckless driving for cruising around in his Porsche at over 100 mph on the Capital Beltway last summer.

A judge sentenced him to serve five days in the Fairfax County Adult Detention Center. He’s been serving it over the weekends so that he can attend to his physical therapy for a shoulder surgery he had in early January. I figure he’s got some time to do some reading while he’s in jail – that is if he’s not swamped signing autographs – see this story.

I left him my number too. You never know he might get bored in there and I’d welcome a call from the Nats slugger – collect of course. I’ll keep you posted.

Jayson Werth


I know you have to spend a few days here so I thought I would drop you a note. I figured you might have time to actually read my letter while you are serving your sentence.

I’m a big fan of you and the Nationals – although I got to be honest, one of my favorite memories of you (if not my favorite) is from when you were with the Phillies. May 12, 2009 when you stole 2nd, 3rd and then home! That was awesome. Game 4 in 2012 was probably more amazing though – the stadium went nuts after you hit that walk-off homer against Lance Lynn. I wasn’t there – I was there though for game 5 – we won’t talk about that.

Anyway, we’re less than three weeks away from the start of Spring Training. I hope your shoulder rehab goes well so that you can get back to baseball as soon as you’re healthy enough to play.

I have some free time – I guess that’s obvious given this letter – so if there is anything I can ever do to help out you and/or the team, let me know, it would be a dream come true.

Oh, and I read on the Fairfax Detention Ctr. website that you can make collect phone calls. If you are bored and you can’t reach your family and you need a break from signing Inmate Handbooks – feel free to give me a call. You can call me collect at xxx.xxx.xxxx.

Hang in there Jayson!

Your friend and loyal fan,
Reed Sandridge

 My address: PO Box 53065, Wash. DC, 20009

Day 19: Kimon

Thank you notes are always better when handwritten. It shows that it meant enough to you that you spent the extra time time to show them you care. I’ve been friends with Kimon since high school. Friday, he gave me an early birthday present: a bottle of District Made Vodka and a Washington Nationals koozie. Both are much appreciated and will definitely be enjoyed.

And check out the numbering on the bottle – I’ve got one of the first 500 bottles ever made by this new distillery!



I enjoyed hanging out on Friday and while it was totally unnecessary, I very much appreciate the bottle of District Made Vodka and the Nats Koozie! You are such a generous friend. I didn’t even know there was a vodka distillery in DC. I look forward to trying it with you. Thanks again,


Let's go Nats!

Let’s go Nats!