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Day 80: Lupita


This map shows Guasave. Before going there in 1990, I asked my Spanish tutor where it was. I remember him pulling out a map of Mexico. We looked through the index of towns and didn’t see Guasave. He said something like, “Well, either I have a really bad map or that town is pretty small – probably a little bit of both.” He was right. That said, there were even smaller towns around Guasave like El Burrion, Palos Blancos, San Rafael, Las Brisas, etc.

I spent my junior year of high school as an exchange student in the small town of Guasave, Sinaloa on Mexico’s western coast. I lived with a family for the entire year and this Sunday is the birthday of my host mother Lupita.

One of the best year’s of my life – the experience without a doubt helped shape the person I am today. Lupita and her husband Ramiro were great parents for me while I was there. It’s been nearly 10 years since I’ve been there and I have not been good about staying in touch with them – except I would see their son Aurelio somewhat regularly as he was living in Miami and he would stay at my house in DC when he was here for work and I would stay at his place in Miami when work sent me there. Unfortunately for me – he recently moved to San Diego. I’ll have to find a reason to go there too!

Anyway, I owe a lot to Lupita and Ramiro – they took care of me as if I was their own son. I should be a better son and stay in touch more often.

Day 80

Here’s the translated version of my letter…


Happy birthday! Sorry that this letter didn’t arrive before the 22nd. I hope that you enjoyed the day.

It’s been too long since I have written. I’ve noticed that now with Facebook I don’t hardly write or call friends and family. And even though I see the Facebook updates, it’s just not the same. It’s sad that culturally we have lost the tradition of maintaining contact through letter-writing and calls – not texts.

Day 80-2I’m doing well – working a lot and doing various personal projects. I was in touch with Aurelio recently – I hope he’s enjoying living in San Diego. I’m going to miss him when I visit Miami – I enjoyed that I would always get to see him during my business trips there.

I think it’s been eight years or more since I’ve been to Guasave. I have to plan a trip there.

I hope everyone is well. I remember with great fondness my time living with you all – I’ll carry those memories with me forever. Big hugs to Ramiro, Katia and all the extended family.