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Day 180: Jeri

Day 180-2

I normally don’t use Hallmark stationery – but I like this one.

On May 27th my friend Jeri posted this on Facebook:

“Exciting news today! I have been selected to attend the School of Advanced Military Studies program at Ft. Leavenworth. It is a one year program and means I am moving back to Kansas! I am sure no one ever thought they would hear those words from my mouth. Classes start June 29th…will depart DC on the 15th. Life is crazy sometimes!”

Life is crazy sometimes and we didn’t even manage to meet up before she left. Jeri started classes today – so I thought I would drop her a note in the mail.

Day 180

Dear Jeri,

Congratulations on being accepted into the Advanced Military Studies program at Ft. Leavenworth! I’m glad you have arrived safely in Kansas – I’m thinking this just might be the first handwritten letter that has welcomed you to your new home.

I’m sorry we didn’t get to meet up before you left. My schedule has been chaotic lately. Today I’m writing you from State College, PA.

Once you get settled in, maybe we can find some time to Skype or talk by phone and you can catch me up on this new adventure. You sounded pretty excited – it’s not everyone whose pulse quickens at the thought of going to Ft. Leavenworth! I hope that you enjoy it, I know you’ll love being closer to your family. And who knows, maybe I’ll show up there some day – you know I go to Lawrence from time to time. It appears to be less than an hour away.

Stay in touch,


Day 37: Lindsay, Lagunitas Brewing Co.

lagunitas_IPAday-timeI enjoy a wide variety of beers – one of my favorite breweries is Lagunitas. Not only because of the deliciousness of their beverages, but also because of their dedication to helping nonprofits by donating product for fundraising events. They’ve helped out Street Sense, one of my favorite nonprofits, for the past two years and I wanted to let them know how much it means to me as a Board member of Street Sense.

Year of Letters


I hope 2015 is off to a good start for you.

Year of Letters-3I wanted to send you a note to say THANK YOU to you and everyone at Lagunitas for helping Street Sense the past two years with beer donations to our annual gala. You make it so straightforward to receive donations. I can’t tell you how much it means to a small nonprofit like Street Sense. We appreciate it very much.