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Day 75: Meg

Day 7576-4My friend Meg lost her mother last week. She died the day after her 78th birthday. Losing family members is painful – it’s been 8 years since my mother died and I miss her just as much today as I did back in December of 2006 when she passed away.

Meg is smart, caring and has a generous sense of humor – she’s the type of person everyone likes. I’m sad for my friend today – I know how much her heart must be aching.

Day 7576-3

Dear Meg,

I am so sorry to hear about your mother. While I never knew her, I can imagine what a wonderful person she was – she raised an incredible daughter.

I believe that you are in Missouri right now – I hope it helps knowing how many people are keeping you and your family in our thoughts.

Let’s find time to get together when you are back.




Day 63: Sympathy note

Hearing the news of the death of friend is always difficult. Today’s note is to a colleague of mine whose wife lost her five-year battle with cancer on Tuesday. I’m breaking with my normal posting practice and not showing the specific letter in respect to my friend and his family. I didn’t know his wife well, but she seemed to be an exceptional spouse, mother of two young children, and professional. My thoughts are with their entire family as they deal with this tragedy.