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Day 9: John Watson, Walgreens

It was Thanksgiving 2013 and I needed to get some customized photo pruducts made quickly and one of the only places in DC that you has the type of machine required for my project was at Walgreens – and not just any Walgreens, only at the bright and shinny one up on Connecticut Avenue near the Van Ness – UDC Metro station. I went online, designed the card and hit submit. It said it would be ready around 1pm. A short while later I got an automatic message informing me that my cards were ready.

Unfortunately, when I arrived I was informed that the cards were not ready. I explained that they were promised by 1pm and I even received a message confirming that they were now ready.

John, the employee working that afternoon, told me the machine had been broken for a couple of days and would hopefully be fixed later that afternoon. I couldn’t understand why I was able to order them and even get confirmation and updates on the production of the cards if the equipment was working. That glitch needs fixed.

Needless to say I was upset and left with limited options to get these cards done as I would be traveling. John took the address of where I would be in Pennsylvania and said if the machine was fixed that day he would get them in the mail and maybe I’d receive them by Friday – when I needed them.

Well, the machine got fixed, John somehow got the cards to me in Pennsylvania on time and everything worked out. Thank you sir!


Watson Day 9


Dear Mr. Watson,

We met in November of 2013 when I ordered some custom greeting cards at the Walgreens where you work. The machine had broken and my cards were not ready, but you went out of your way to send them to me in Mechanicsburg, PA once he machine was fixed.

I was very thankful for the extra effort that you put forth and appreciate your professionalism and sincerity very much. Sorry I was a bit of an ass that day!

Respectfully yours,
Reed Sandridge