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Day 103: Danielle, Glen’s Garden Market

Cheers to Glen's on their 2nd Anniversary!

Cheers to Glen’s on their 2nd Anniversary!

Two years ago today Glen’s Garden Market opened up in my neighborhood. The space was the previous home of the “Secret Safeway” – named for the fact that it was tucked away and nobody knew it was there. Two years later Glen’s seems to have been here for decades. Strange.

Danielle, who hails from a family of grocers, left her job on Capitol Hill doing environmental policy work, to open a market that focuses on products sourced from within the Chesapeake Bay Watershed. It’s a big change from the halls of congress – but here Danielle gets to play a pivotal role in changing consumer behavior at dining room table.

I’m thrilled to share today’s letter with Danielle which I wrote here at Glen’s last night – happy two-year anniversary neighbor!

Day 103 Danielle

Dear Danielle,

Congratulations on your second anniversary. As someone who lives just two blocks away I was extremely happy when Glen’s came to the neighborhood. It’s only been two years but Glen’s seems like it’s been there forever. It doesn’t seem to matter when I stop in there is always a healthy amount of customers either shopping for fresh produce from local farms, enjoying a cup of coffee or delicious pint of local beer (love that they’re $4!) or picking up one of your mouth-watering sandwiches – I usually get the Billy’s Bison.

Day 103 Danielle-2I hope I can join you on Saturday – I see you’ll be celebrating your anniversary and Earth Day – I’ll toast to that!

Reed Sandridge

P.S. I also very much appreciated your support of Street Sense in our 2013 Gala – you were very generous. Thanks again.


Day 76: Downtown Frederick Partnership

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

I had the pleasure of spending Tuesday in Frederick, MD working with several companies on elevating their social media through the power of storytelling. So much of the social media that you see from companies focuses on their product and not on the real hero of their story – their audience. And I say audience deliberately instead of customers. With social media, we need to focus our messages toward the people who believe what we believe, and not those who want to buy what we sell. It sounds counterintuitive but it works.

I had a little fun and embossed the front of this card with a city skyline.

I had a little fun and embossed the front of this card with a city skyline.

After my talk in the morning, which competed with the 8am rise and shine “Kegs and Eggs” festivities two blocks away at the local Irish watering whole, I then visited five local companies and sat down with each of them to work on crafting their social story.

It was a fun day chock full of thought provoking conversations. I enjoyed getting to know each of the businesses I worked with and am thankful to the Downtown Frederick Partnership for making it all happen. They’re a fantastic organization working to enhance, promote and preserve the charming downtown area of Frederick. The next time you’re there, please stop into these five businesses and say hello. Tell them Reed sent you.

Gerry at The Trail House
Richard at Earthly Elements
Murray at Hunting Creek Outfitters
Maria at Unique Optique
and Lianne at Nido’s

Day 7576

If the address on the envelope isn’t crystal clear – you need to visit Dr. Maria at Unique Optique!


Dear Kara, Brittany and Danielle,

Thank you so much for inviting me to speak at the Competitive Edge Series today– I thoroughly enjoyed meeting you and so many of the wonderful people that represent the companies from your vibrant downtown business district.

I particularly enjoyed meeting one on one with some of the businesses and working with them on creating an effective social media presence. I look forward to keeping in touch with them – as well as with each of you.

Thanks again,

Day 9: John Watson, Walgreens

It was Thanksgiving 2013 and I needed to get some customized photo pruducts made quickly and one of the only places in DC that you has the type of machine required for my project was at Walgreens – and not just any Walgreens, only at the bright and shinny one up on Connecticut Avenue near the Van Ness – UDC Metro station. I went online, designed the card and hit submit. It said it would be ready around 1pm. A short while later I got an automatic message informing me that my cards were ready.

Unfortunately, when I arrived I was informed that the cards were not ready. I explained that they were promised by 1pm and I even received a message confirming that they were now ready.

John, the employee working that afternoon, told me the machine had been broken for a couple of days and would hopefully be fixed later that afternoon. I couldn’t understand why I was able to order them and even get confirmation and updates on the production of the cards if the equipment was working. That glitch needs fixed.

Needless to say I was upset and left with limited options to get these cards done as I would be traveling. John took the address of where I would be in Pennsylvania and said if the machine was fixed that day he would get them in the mail and maybe I’d receive them by Friday – when I needed them.

Well, the machine got fixed, John somehow got the cards to me in Pennsylvania on time and everything worked out. Thank you sir!


Watson Day 9


Dear Mr. Watson,

We met in November of 2013 when I ordered some custom greeting cards at the Walgreens where you work. The machine had broken and my cards were not ready, but you went out of your way to send them to me in Mechanicsburg, PA once he machine was fixed.

I was very thankful for the extra effort that you put forth and appreciate your professionalism and sincerity very much. Sorry I was a bit of an ass that day!

Respectfully yours,
Reed Sandridge