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Day 304: Stacy, Ronda and Walker

I spent the last week in Kingsport, TN. I traveled there to see my 81-year-old aunt whose health had been declining dramatically. She passed away about four hours after we arrived.

And while the week was filled with mixed emotions, the bright part of it all was spending time with family. On Wednesday night, we went to dinner with my cousin Stacy and his family to a restaurant I hadn’t tried before: Stir Fry. Good spot if you are traveling through Kingsport.

Day 304

Stacy, Ronda & Walker,

Thank you so much for dinner Wednesday night. All of us enjoyed Stir Fry – a new restaurant for all of us – but even more we enjoyed spending time with you. Wish we lived closer together. Next time, it’s our treat!

Uncle Jerry, Jason, Ryan

Day 205: Kim and Luis

Anthony, Kim, Reed at Anthony's 2nd Annual Celebration. We missed getting a photo with Luis - he was too busy working!

Anthony, Kim and Reed at Anthony’s 2nd Annual Celebration. We missed getting a photo with Luis – he was too busy working!

We held the second annual Anthony celebration last Monday night at one of Anthony’s favorite places: Rumors. It’s right across the street from where he cheerfully greets his customers every morning. The staff there always treats us like gold and Monday night was no exception. I love these guys.

Day 205-2


Kim & Luis,

People go out to bars and restaurants for many reasons – the food, the atmosphere, the service. Walking in to Rumors is like walking in to Cheers. You remember your customers, treat people right and you care. You made Anthony’s two-year celebration a very special evening for him and I wanted you to know how much I appreciate it.

Thank you,

Day 102: Mr. Kraemer

Poor guy - we made Daniel take a picture with my friend Amy.

Poor guy – we made Daniel take a picture with my friend Amy.

All too often we only reach out to restaurants, hotels and other service oriented businesses when we are disappointed with the experience. But today’s letter is all about letting a local business know that their employee was phenomenal. If you go to Cafe Dupont for dinner, I highly recommend requesting Daniel as your waiter.

Bon appetit!

Day 102 Silvan

Mr. Kraemer,

What a wonderful experience we had at Cafe Dupont on April 5th. Our server, Daniel, was excellent – his ability to be knowledgeable while balancing professionalism and wit made it most enjoyable. I wanted you to know but please also share my compliments with Daniel and his supervisor.

Best regards,
Reed Sandridge

Day 83: Mr. Landrum, Ray’s The Steaks

I don’t think this letter needs a lot of intro – go ahead and dig in. The only thing that might be helpful is to know that Mr. Landrum, whose first name is Michael not Ray, has a bunch of restaurants in the DC area that all have the name Ray in them.

Happy reading!

Day 83

Dear Mr. Landrum,

My brother and sister-in-law had their second child on Wednesday, March 18th – little baby Mackenzie. She weighed 6lbs 15ozs. And both Mom and Mackenzie are doing well – not that you asked but so many people ask those two questions I thought I’d go ahead and get them out of the way.

Anyway, my sister-in-law was really craving mashed potatoes as she recovered from her C-section and I went out with my brother Ryan to pick up some of your delicious streaks and mashed potatoes from Retro Rays only to find that it no longer existed. I love your food, but with all respect it seems like the locations are always changing in some respect I never know which Ray’s is open and what they are selling.

Just a little embossed return address...that's all.

Just a little embossed return address…that’s all.

I suggested to Ryan that we could just get the order next door from Ray’s The Steaks but Ryan told me Ray’s The Steaks doesn’t offer take-out. Now, I’m a bit stubborn (and long-winded as I guess you have discovered) and insisted on going in anyway and asking. And so it is – I learned that Retro Rays doesn’t exist anymore and Ray’s The Steaks indeed doesn’t offer take-out.

The maître d’ suggested we try Ray’s: To The Third but almost immediately acknowledged that they don’t sell steaks and more importantly that specific evening – they also don’t sell mashed potatoes. We knew that because we actually went there first! Then without missing a beat he said, “Don’t worry. I’ll get you some mashed potatoes.” Two minutes later we had a large container of piping hot mashed potatoes in our hands. He wouldn’t accept our money – just smiled and said to Ryan, “Congratulations on your daughter…enjoy.”

Thanks for saving the night.

Reed Sandridge


P.S. In case you’re curious about the steaks, I ended up getting some filet mignons from Trader Joe’s and cooked them on the grill. They were very good – but not as good as yours!

Day 76: Downtown Frederick Partnership

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

I had the pleasure of spending Tuesday in Frederick, MD working with several companies on elevating their social media through the power of storytelling. So much of the social media that you see from companies focuses on their product and not on the real hero of their story – their audience. And I say audience deliberately instead of customers. With social media, we need to focus our messages toward the people who believe what we believe, and not those who want to buy what we sell. It sounds counterintuitive but it works.

I had a little fun and embossed the front of this card with a city skyline.

I had a little fun and embossed the front of this card with a city skyline.

After my talk in the morning, which competed with the 8am rise and shine “Kegs and Eggs” festivities two blocks away at the local Irish watering whole, I then visited five local companies and sat down with each of them to work on crafting their social story.

It was a fun day chock full of thought provoking conversations. I enjoyed getting to know each of the businesses I worked with and am thankful to the Downtown Frederick Partnership for making it all happen. They’re a fantastic organization working to enhance, promote and preserve the charming downtown area of Frederick. The next time you’re there, please stop into these five businesses and say hello. Tell them Reed sent you.

Gerry at The Trail House
Richard at Earthly Elements
Murray at Hunting Creek Outfitters
Maria at Unique Optique
and Lianne at Nido’s

Day 7576

If the address on the envelope isn’t crystal clear – you need to visit Dr. Maria at Unique Optique!


Dear Kara, Brittany and Danielle,

Thank you so much for inviting me to speak at the Competitive Edge Series today– I thoroughly enjoyed meeting you and so many of the wonderful people that represent the companies from your vibrant downtown business district.

I particularly enjoyed meeting one on one with some of the businesses and working with them on creating an effective social media presence. I look forward to keeping in touch with them – as well as with each of you.

Thanks again,