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Day 102: Mr. Kraemer

Poor guy - we made Daniel take a picture with my friend Amy.

Poor guy – we made Daniel take a picture with my friend Amy.

All too often we only reach out to restaurants, hotels and other service oriented businesses when we are disappointed with the experience. But today’s letter is all about letting a local business know that their employee was phenomenal. If you go to Cafe Dupont for dinner, I highly recommend requesting Daniel as your waiter.

Bon appetit!

Day 102 Silvan

Mr. Kraemer,

What a wonderful experience we had at Cafe Dupont on April 5th. Our server, Daniel, was excellent – his ability to be knowledgeable while balancing professionalism and wit made it most enjoyable. I wanted you to know but please also share my compliments with Daniel and his supervisor.

Best regards,
Reed Sandridge

Day 55: Chef Marc Vetri

Chef Marc with father Sal making meatballs

Chef Marc with father Sal making meatballs

Marc Vetri, famed chef from the City of Brotherly Love, has the best recipe for meatballs on the planet. And he has shared it – it’s the equivalent of putting Prozac in the water. They will make you very happy.

The recipe was coupled with this quote from Vetri, “My father instilled three things in me: (1) Always work for yourself—no matter what, be the boss; (2) Always have integrity—you are only as good as your word; (3) Always use veal, pork, and beef in meatballs. Life really is that simple!” Good advice.



Dear Marc,

Congratulations on your recent article in the Huffington Post regarding the state of restaurant reviews in this country. You are spot on! I remember talking with local (DC) restaurateur Andy Shallal once and him saying how when his first restaurant was reviewed he woke up at like 4am to drive over to the Washington Post to get a paper and read the review. It was glowing and his restaurant was booked for months after that.

My hope is that you and other chefs continue to pour your energy, precision and knowledge into creating delicious meals for your customers, because the rest is probably out of your control.

Here's a shot of my recent batch of Sal's Old School Meatballs

Here’s a shot of my recent batch of Sal’s Old School Meatballs

A few years back I stumbled upon your recipe for Sal’s Old School Meatballs. They are the best meatballs I have ever had. Thank you, thank you, thank you – and thank your dad!

If you choose to write back – I’d love to receive another recipe that you love. I promise to try to do it justice.

All the best to you and your family – I hope to some day have the pleasure of dining in one of your restaurants.

All the best,
Reed Sandridge