Day 30: Rebecca



Everyone knows a handful of people who are extraordinarily talented, people who create a sense of energy when you are around them. Rebecca exemplifies this. She is one of the most talented professionals working in media anywhere and I am fortunate enough to know her through my Year of Giving project.

I met up with her this afternoon over a cup of hot tea at Port City Java – a relaxing coffee house steps away from DC’s iconic Eastern Market. Time slipped by, mostly because I was dominating the conversation. In my defense she asks questions and listens for a living!

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It was such a pleasure to spend time with you today. So many exciting events in your life since we’ve seen each other last!

Rebecca-3I’d say we had a wonderful conversation – but I did most of the talking. In hindsight it reminds me of a quote by Jean de La Bruyère, ‘The great gift of conversation lies less in displaying it ourselves than in drawing it out of others.” I could learn a lot from how you listen.

I appreciate your helping to brainstorm on how Street Sense transitions to where it wants to be. Also, your comments on the story of entrepreneurism that develops in the vendors were sagacious and worthy of exploring much further.

You also inspired me to make time for pursuing the food stories we discussed – and you’re right, video is the way to go. It’s a project that is important to me for many reasons and I believe it will resonate with others.

Thank you for sharing your time today with me – it means a lot and I enjoyed it very much.

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