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Day 184: Coach Sutter

Photo: L.A. Times

Photo: L.A. Times

Darryl Sutter is the head coach of the Los Angeles Kings hockey team. Sutter, who coached the team to a Stanley Cup victory last year, has six brothers, five of which also played in the NHL. He even has a son who plays professionally. It’s truly in their blood.

I don’t remember Sutter playing for the Blackhawks back in the ’70s and ’80s, but I understand he was a good player. I know him as a coach, a profession he’s held for more than two decades. And while he’s clearly a talented at managing players, what I like most about him is how he handles reporters. It’s beautiful. So often they ask just ridiculous questions. Sutter’s blunt deadpan responses make you so uncomfortable you can’t help but love him. Awkward pauses and darting eyes top it all off. Google something like “Darryl Sutter response to reporter” and you’ll get a taste of what I mean.

Day 184

Dear Coach Sutter,

I am not a L.A. Kings fan, but I’m a huge fan of you and how you handle postgame interviews. Let’s be honest, sometimes they’re more entertaining than the games themselves. You’re demeanor is priceless when they ask you inane questions.

I’ve been thinking, there should be a movie about the Sutter family – the number of you that have played in the NHL is remarkable. I’d cast Bill Murray to play you! That’d be awesome, wouldn’t it?

Anyway enjoy your summer and best of luck to you next season,

Reed Sandridge
PO Box 53065
Washington, DC 20009

P.S. I see that the Kings are playing the Capitals next Feb. 16th here in Washington. I probably won’t go to the game, ticket prices here are outrageous, but if there is a way to attend your postgame interview, I’d be honored to be there!


Day 168: Michelle Dawn Mooney

Photo: WPG1450.com

Michelle Dawn Mooney Photo: WPG1450.com

Monday afternoon I had the pleasure of being a guest on Michelle Dawn Mooney’s radio program on WPG1450AM in New Jersey. Michelle had me on her Make a Difference Monday show to talk about the Worldwide Day of Giving. She’s an interesting woman – check out her bio.

I wanted to thank her properly for inviting me to be on her show, so today Michelle becomes letter #168.

Day 168

Dear Michelle,

What a pleasure it was to be a guest on Make a Difference Monday. The Worldwide Day of Giving was a lot of fun this year and I’m always surprised by the stories I hear from people all around the world who participate – it brings us closer together. Best of luck to you and your new show on WPG1450 – I’ll listen to you online!

All the best,

Day 126: Street Sense Filmmakers Co-op

Photo: Jane Cave

Photo: Jane Cave

I serve on the Board of Directors of Street Sense – a media group in DC whose mission it is to elevate voices on the issue of homelessness while giving economic opportunities to the men and women in DC experiencing homelessness.

Last week they had the premier of Cinema From The Street – a collection of films produced by the Street Sense Filmmakers Co-op. Led by local filmmaker Bryan Bello, the group not only shared their stories but learned the ins and outs of filmmaking. The films were terrific – and if you are in DC you’ll want to mark August 26th on your calendar when they release the next group of their films.

To learn more about the Filmmakers Co-op or buy tickets to the August event, click here.

Day 126

Dear members of the Street Sense Filmmakers Co-op, 

Day 126-2Congratulations on your first film screening! And while I enjoyed all three films, I’m arguably more moved by the larger impact of your work. I look forward to seeing how you take the knowledge of what you are learning in the Co-op and apply it in new and creative ways.

Thank you for sharing your stories, I look forward to seeing you at the next screening on August 26th.

-Reed Sandridge

Day 30: Rebecca

Photo: tickledred.wordpress.com

Photo: tickledred.wordpress.com

Everyone knows a handful of people who are extraordinarily talented, people who create a sense of energy when you are around them. Rebecca exemplifies this. She is one of the most talented professionals working in media anywhere and I am fortunate enough to know her through my Year of Giving project.

I met up with her this afternoon over a cup of hot tea at Port City Java – a relaxing coffee house steps away from DC’s iconic Eastern Market. Time slipped by, mostly because I was dominating the conversation. In my defense she asks questions and listens for a living!

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It was such a pleasure to spend time with you today. So many exciting events in your life since we’ve seen each other last!

Rebecca-3I’d say we had a wonderful conversation – but I did most of the talking. In hindsight it reminds me of a quote by Jean de La Bruyère, ‘The great gift of conversation lies less in displaying it ourselves than in drawing it out of others.” I could learn a lot from how you listen.

I appreciate your helping to brainstorm on how Street Sense transitions to where it wants to be. Also, your comments on the story of entrepreneurism that develops in the vendors were sagacious and worthy of exploring much further.

You also inspired me to make time for pursuing the food stories we discussed – and you’re right, video is the way to go. It’s a project that is important to me for many reasons and I believe it will resonate with others.

Thank you for sharing your time today with me – it means a lot and I enjoyed it very much.

Stay in touch,