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Day 307: Terry Gross

I’m a big fan of NPR and one of my favorite hosts is Terry Gross. If you haven’t heard her show Fresh Air, you should really make a point to listen. I used to catch the show here and there, but now I have started listening to podcasts when I’m walking to/from work and such – that way I can hear all the episodes.

I really think that Terry is precisely the type of person who appreciates the handwritten letter. Hopefully I’m right.

Day 307-4

Dear Terry,

I’ve heard Fresh Air for many years but only recently began listening. I love how you talk with your guests. There’s something beautiful about your style, maybe it’s your empathy. Your questions are always thoughtful and poignant. And you have a true gift of summarizing the work of others – I recently got a kick out of Michael Keaton’s appreciation for your characterization of his films. So memorable.

Congratulations on 40 years of Fresh Air – I hope you continue for many years to come.

Reed Sandridge

Day 175: Charlie Slowes and Dave Jageler

“You don’t realize how easy this game is until you get up in that broadcasting booth.” — Mickey Mantle

Dave and Charlie Photo: Washington Post

Dave and Charlie
Photo: Washington Post

Baseball is as much about tradition as it is about hitting home runs. For me, one of the great pastimes of baseball is calling the game. I find that I prefer radio broadcasters over their television counterparts. Maybe it’s the nostalgic part of me envisioning my grandfather listening to games over a crackling radio or maybe I just appreciate their artistry more.

It’s about their voice. It’s about their cadence and inflection. It’s about the nuances they share and the banter they exchange over the sounds of the ballpark. Charlie and Dave are like old friends. I invite them into my living room every night throughout the summer, letting them deftly paint the picture of the game as smoothly as Bob Ross used to add a few happy trees or bushes to his canvas. My experience following the Nationals is richer thanks to them and I wanted to let them know that.

Day 175

Dear Charlie and Dave,

I’m a loyal Nationals fan – while I’ve never been able to be a season ticket holder, I’ve found a way to be at every Opening Day since the team came back in 2005. I also don’t have cable so I don’t get MASN, so I listen to you on the radio. And truth be known, I often mute the TV when the games are on WUSA9, and overlay you guys on WJFK.

I tucked this photo of me in the envelope with the letter. I was up in the broadcasting booth last summer. What a dream job it would be to work with Charlie and Dave.

I sent Charlie and Dave this photo of me taken in the broadcasting booth last summer. What a dream job it would be to work along side them.

I’ve made a commitment to send a handwritten letter to someone every day this year – you’re day 175. It would be great to hear back from you or even better have the opportunity to visit you guys some time.

You are truly the best baseball broadcasting team in the business bar none and it is a pleasure to see the game through your words.

Your fan and faithful listener,
Reed Sandridge

P.S. I’ve also written to some of the players (Robinson, Escobar, Werth)…hell, I even wrote Teddy – but haven’t heard from a soul.

UPDATE Oct. 26, 2015

Today I received a card in the mail from Charlie!

The front of the card is an image of "Big Baseball", a painting by Washington, D.C. artist Daniel Kessler.

The front of the card is an image of “Big Baseball”, a painting by Washington, D.C. artist Daniel Kessler.

Day 175 response-2

Day 168: Michelle Dawn Mooney

Photo: WPG1450.com

Michelle Dawn Mooney Photo: WPG1450.com

Monday afternoon I had the pleasure of being a guest on Michelle Dawn Mooney’s radio program on WPG1450AM in New Jersey. Michelle had me on her Make a Difference Monday show to talk about the Worldwide Day of Giving. She’s an interesting woman – check out her bio.

I wanted to thank her properly for inviting me to be on her show, so today Michelle becomes letter #168.

Day 168

Dear Michelle,

What a pleasure it was to be a guest on Make a Difference Monday. The Worldwide Day of Giving was a lot of fun this year and I’m always surprised by the stories I hear from people all around the world who participate – it brings us closer together. Best of luck to you and your new show on WPG1450 – I’ll listen to you online!

All the best,