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Day 150: Rev. Charles

Rev. Randolph C. Charles at The Church of the Epiphany. Photo: epiphanydc.org

Rev. Randolph C. Charles at The Church of the Epiphany. Photo: epiphanydc.org

Street Sense, an organization that I’ve supported for many years, has been housed at The Church of the Epiphany on G Street in downtown Washington for as long as I can remember. The staff is extraordinarily welcoming and kind to the staff and the many men and women who sell the Street Sense newspaper.

I learned yesterday that Rev. Charles, who has skillfully led the church for many years, is retiring. I’ve only met him briefly, but his kindness and compassion toward the organization has touched the hearts of so many and I thought I would send him a note to thank him and wish him well.

Day 150


Dear Rev. Charles,

Yesterday I learned that you were retiring from your position as pastor at Church of the Epiphany. I’ve been on the Board of Directors of Street Sense for 3 years and appreciate very much everything that the church and you personally have done for the organization. Your warm, welcoming spirit has touched the hearts of many of the men and women experiencing homelessness that are involved with Street Sense. As a pastor, you recognize the importance of community, fellowship and establishing a home – the Church of the Epiphany has been a home to all of us who visit. Street Sense would not be able to do the work that it does and help so many people find their way home without the leadership and friendship you have provided to so many. Thank you! On behalf of Brian Carome, our staff, vendors, volunteers and fellow Board members, I thank you and wish you well in all of your future endeavors. May our paths continue to cross.

With great appreciation,
Reed Sandridge
Street Sense Board Member