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Day 134: Danny Glover

photo: apwu.org

photo: apwu.org

So this one is just crazy.

So earlier today I got a text message from my friend Nicole saying:

“Hey, if you’re home and have some free time, would you like to drive Danny Glover from my office to the Hill?”

I happened to be home and didn’t have any more calls/meetings for the day and rarely have opportunities to drive around famous actors in my car, so I said sure. Well, not exactly. I called her to remind her that my 2000 Jetta is not exactly easy on the eyes and today it was decorated with a vulgar amount of pollen. I hear Nicole take the phone away from her mouth, “He says is car is not very clean,” she tells him. Mr. Glover said he didn’t care.

She would later tell me how kind and down to earth he is. I didn’t find that out for myself because I got caught in a rare 4pm traffic jam. Even thought it didn’t happen, it still made my day.

Day 134

I wrote this letter on stationery that Nicole gave to me earlier this year to help support the Year of Letters project.

Dear Mr. Glover,

Our paths nearly crossed today when my friend Nicole called me to ask if I was free and able to drive you over to Capitol Hill – unfortunately I got stuck in traffic and got there about two minutes after you took a cab.

I would have loved the opportunity to meet you. Not only because I’m a fan of you and several of your movies, but also because I understand you are here to support postal workers across the country and I stand with you on that. I’ve embarked on a year-long commitment to send a handwritten letter to someone every day – you’re day 134! I’ve noticed that letters are now taking much longer to arrive – sometimes several weeks for domestic mail which is ludicrous.

Day 134-2The men and women mail carriers that I know are wonderful, hardworking people. Tomorrow’s letter, Day 135, is to Postmaster General Megan Brennan telling her that I stand with the postal workers!

Thanks for all that you do for so many great organizations. Maybe I’ll see you the next time you’re in town.


P.S. It’s probably best you took a cab – the outside of my car was covered by an embarrassingly thick layer of pollen.

Day 16: Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook

Photo: zagg.com

Photo: zagg.com

I recently stumbled upon a Washington Post article from about a year ago that was about Facebook Founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s goal to write a thank-you note every day in 2014. Pretty cool! I can’t find any articles that follow up on that to see if he in fact was able to do it. I can tell you, it’s harder than it sounds!

I thought that Mark and I were friends on Facebook. I swear! When I first signed up years ago I thought it was kind of automatic that you became friends with Mark…you know, so you weren’t lonely on Facebook. But I just double-checked and sadly we’re not friends on Facebook – yet! Maybe he unfriended me.

Despite being a pioneer in the digital world, I hope that he appreciates the handwritten letter as much as I do. Who knows, maybe he’ll write me back or post to my Facebook page?

Mark Zuckerberg Mark Zuckerberg-2

Dear Mark,

I just read that last year you made a goal to write one thank-you note each day – I love that idea! In fact I just embarked on a year-long journey to write one handwritten letter every day for a year (facebook.com/yearofletters). I was curious about two things. First, how did it go? And second, do you have any advice me.
I look forward to hearing from you.

Your Facebook friend,
Reed Sandridge

P.S. Nice work on launching Internet.org in Colombia!