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Day 85: Richard

I used to have a stone that I kept in a small box of prized possessions. It wasn’t a valuable stone like a diamond or aquamarine or some other type of precious stone. Nope, it was a simple stone. Ok, it was a rock.

I have no idea what kind of rock it was – it was dark in color but not like obsidian. More like the color of slate. I picked it up near the shore of a river while looking for rocks to skip across the water’s surface. I picked it up and reached back to launch it across the river hoping that it would skip enough times to land safely on the other side. But this rock felt different – it had significant weight and a smooth polished feel to it and I decided to drop it in my pocket instead. I have no idea what I thought I was going to do with it, but I wanted to keep it.

earthlyelementsWell, apparently lots of people collect rocks – and not just 9-year-old cub scouts. Richard Bailey is a geologist and owner of Earthly Elements in Frederick, MD. “We’re the only rock shop in the state of Maryland,” he told me leaning back in a chair behind the counter. His welcoming shop feels more like someone’s home than a business – there are a pair of boots sitting just inside the door. He says on a busy Saturday he easily gets over a thousand people visiting the store.

He and I were meeting to discuss how social media can help his business. It was a fascinating meeting – and I learned a lot about rocks. Who buys them. Why. And which ones sell the best.

Oh, and if you’re wondering. I no longer have my rock. I know it made it to my freshman year dorm, but I’m quite certain I didn’t have it when I moved out.

Day 8586-2

Dear Richard,

What a pleasure it was to talk to you about Earthly Elements and the story you are creating for social media. I was impressed with your shop as well as your understanding of the niche market that you are in. I hope that you will continue to invest in your Facebook presence – I believe you have a lot of untapped potential there. If I can ever be of assistance, please let me know.

All the best,

P.S. I mentioned your shop to my father and he has been in and purchased stones there a couple of times. I told him to say hello if he stops in again.