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Day 160: Michael

I received terrible news that a friend of mine and leader in the community suffered a stroke on Sunday and was hospitalized. I went over to see him at the hospital. Unfortunately he is in a coma, they lower his sedation a few times a day and he does respond to commands. The medical evaluation concluded that the stroke took place very close to the brain stem and that it could have severe implications. And while the gravity of the situation was clear, I find some hope in the words of Dr. Richard Harvey, director of stroke rehabilitation at the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago.

“Dramatic recovery from a brain stem stroke is possible because brain stem strokes do not usually affect language ability, the patient is able to participate more fully in rehabilitation therapy. Most deficits are motor-related, not cognitive.”

I sat with my friend, held his hand and spoke to him. I told him how much we all love him and are hoping for his speedy recovery.

Keep fighting Michael – we need you brother!

Day 160


I stopped by to see you and let you know how much all of us at Street Sense are thinking about you. You are an inspiration to me on how to effectively work with the community to help our less fortunate neighbors. We love you and wish you a speedy recovery.

Reed Sandridge


Day 146: Dad

Day 146


When I look back at the letters that I have from you and Mom growing up, the majority were sent while I was spending time away from home at camp, as an exchange student, at college, etc. I’ve kept those letters, I treasure them. They bring back beautiful memories when I hold them in my hand and read the words that you wrote by hand.

As you spend time at the cabin, I thought you could use some mail. It was great to see you this past weekend – I really enjoyed the time we got to spend together.


With Dad at a Nationals game a few years ago.

I wonder if you saw the Nats yesterday – close game, they beat the cubs 2-1, Ramos hit the game winning home run. You should google Michael Taylor’s catch if you didn’t see it already, beautiful!

Things here are going fine. I got your check for the Street Sense event on June 2nd. Thank you, that was very generous of you. Put Oct. 1st on your calendar – the 2015 Street Sense Gala. It’s shaping up to be a really cool event.

I’m going over to Ryan’s tonight to babysit Jacqueline and Mackenzie – Ryan and Mandy are going to see comedienne Amy Schumer.

We need to talk about our trip to Europe – we put it on hold as I recall when you had your knee surgery, but that’s been four years now and we still haven’t made plans for the trip.

I’m not sure how long you’re planning on staying up there, but maybe I will try to come visit. And I hope you know that you are always welcome here – I really enjoy when you visit. Maybe we can find time for you to come when we can get to a couple of Nationals games. That would be fun.

I know you have things you want to get done up there, but I hope you take some time to relax and enjoy yourself too.

I love you very much,

Day 146-2

Sunday Notes & Letters for Week 20

Mother's DayToday is Mother’s Day and I want to wish every mother a very special day. It’s a day that I, and I suspect anyone who has also lost their mother, faces with mixed emotions.

I won’t be buying her flowers today, or taking her to lunch. I won’t hear her soft southern voice. And I won’t be able to give her a hug and tell her how much I love her. Despite these things, today is not a sad day for me. Don’t get me wrong, I miss her terribly and often do allow myself to feel sad that she is no longer with us. But not today.  Today is a day to celebrate what a wonderful mother she was to Ryan and me.

The hard days are the ones when I want to pick up the phone to call her and share something special in my life. Or tell her about the book I’m reading that takes place in the hollers of Appalachia where she grew up. Or days when I don’t feel well and instinctively think to call Mom and ask her for advice. Sometimes it’s for the smallest things like wanting to ask her if it was a cup or half cup of flour in the recipe I’m making.

But for every one of those moments, I’ve got a thousand memories that I carry close to my heart for just those occasions. It’s my little way of remembering her and what an extraordinary person she was. My promise to her today and always is to make laughter part of every day, have integrity in all that I do, show kindness to others and always take a few minutes to dance in the kitchen.

Mom and Dad at a cocktail party in Hawaii circa 1969. I'm not sure who took the photo but my brother took a lot of time to restore and colorize this image.

Mom and Dad at a cocktail party in Hawaii circa 1969. I’m not sure who took the photo but my brother took a lot of time to restore and colorize this image.



Day 41: Kacy

I recently discovered Project 12 – an inspiring journey of exciting commitments for every month of the year. It’s about volunteering, giving back and eliminating excess from our lives. This month, in honor of Valentines Day, Kacy is writing 12 love letters.

Her main blog is worth checking out as well: It’s a Pleasant Life. You’ll find things from yoga to cooking to staying healthy (Kacy is a former physical education teacher).

By the way – Kacy lists her current music obsessions on the site. Is it wrong that I am kind of happy that her top 15 doesn’t include anything from Taylor Swift?

Day 41

Dear Kacy,

I discovered your Project 12 through Michelle Seymour. I love it! You are doing wonderfully amazing things each month – and it’s even more meaningful how you involve your kids in the projects.

I tried to emboss my initials on the front of this card - this one was a bit crooked.

I tried to emboss my initials on the front of this card – this one was a bit crooked.

I can tell how important family is to you. I’m sorry to hear about your father – your eulogy was beautiful. What a gift for all of us to get to know him through your words. I lost my mother 8 years ago after a 20 year battle with heart disease. Even after all that time of knowing that day was coming – dealing w/ her death was harder than I ever could have imagined. Hang in there.

I hope you know how much you inspire others through your blog – it inspired me a great deal. I look forward to following your journey.

Reed Sandridge