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Day 92: Mrs. Wunderlich

You may recall on Day 59 I sent my letter to a woman named Charlotte who was celebrating her 98th birthday. Unfortunately my letter was returned to me today with a dull yellow sticker on it stating:


That made me sad, I was very excited for Ms. Charlotte to get my letter as she was one of my favorite $10 recipients of my Year of Giving. Thankfully, I remembered that she had a sister that lived in Annapolis. After a little sleuth work I found her contact information and sat down today to write her a letter.

Day 92

You can see a glimpse of the lining I created for the envelope.


Mrs. Wunderlich, 

In August of 2010 I met you, your husband and your sister Charlotte in Annapolis – I’ve included a few photographs from that day. You may recall I was giving a stranger $10 every day for a year while I was out of work and on Day 248 I gave my $10 to Charlotte. It was a lot of fun.

charlotte todd and jewell-2

Ms. Charlotte, Mrs. Wunderlich, Mr. Wunderlich

reed charlotte and jewell-2


I’ve embarked on a new adventure this year were I write someone a handwritten letter every day for a year and I thought about Charlotte and remembered her birthday was Feb. 28th. I mailed her a card for her 98th birthday to the Metairie address where she used to live but it was returned to me – it said it was “undeliverable as addressed.” Do you have a current address for her? I hope that she is well – she was one of my favorite people I gave my $10 to. I also very much enjoyed meeting you and Mr. Wunderlich and hope that you are well. 

I look forward to hearing from you.

Reed Sandridge

Day 1: Josie Adivino

Happy New Year!

Today is my first letter in my year-long commitment to write handwritten letters. I’ve seen a few other blogs that tried this, but I haven’t seen anyone get past a month or two. After successfully completing my Year of Giving project, I am confident that I can complete this task as well. I may however run out of people to write to, so feel free to send me your suggestions.

Josie in 1987

Josie in 1987

My first letter is to Josie Adivino – someone I met through letters in the 1980s. Back then when it wasn’t uncommon to sign up to have a pen pal with someone from another country, Josie and I were connected. At the time Continue reading