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Day 62: Anonymous

I’m in New York City and discovering that writing letters is more of a challenge when you’re on the road. Anyways, I decided to leave my second anonymous letter today. It was either that or a post card!


I snapped this photo quickly before leaving the letter at the Starbucks.

I got caught in a blizzard that tore through the city around 4pm today. Horizontal snow was pelleting my uncovered face. Seeking a bit of refuge, I ducked into a glowing Starbucks at 55th and Lexington and bought an expresso to warm me up. I had some time to burn so I took over a stool looking north across 55th street at an antiques shop that has several ivory items in display window that are probably illegal.

I felt nervous about this again – not about the ivory. I mean they should be nervous, but I was nervous about leaving the letter without someone seeing me. I’d already been in a Starbucks on 57th between Park and Lexington and couldn’t seem to find the moment to leave the blackberry envelope without being “caught.” Even at the second Starbucks I was quite certain that that woman sitting closest to me was going to look up from her Macbook Air and say, “Hey, you left your letter!”

Day62-2Nope, not today. I bolted straight for the door much like you see in the movies right before a bomb goes off. My pulse quickened…I could have been robbing a bank for all my heart knew. Thankfully I managed a clean getaway.

The letter features a quote (at right) from Ross McCammon who is an editor with Esquire Magazine, columnist with Entrepreneur Magazine and author of the forthcoming book Works Well with Others. He works in New York so I figured a quote from him in the letter I was leaving there was appropriate. And I just love the quote. Anyway, I tweeted a photo of the card this morning and tagged him in it. I didn’t really expect to get a response but he promptly replied saying…

Screen Shot 2015-03-03 at 8.33.32 PM


Classy guy. You should Google him – I enjoy a lot of his writing and am looking forward to reading his book.

Here’s my letter – hopefully the recipient has a sense of humor.



A handwritten note is worth more than a $100 gift card but probably not more than a $200 gift card.” – Ross McCammon


I did a little embossing on the front of the card.

I love this quote and in many cases I think Mr. McCammon is correct. I hope you have a great day and hopefully you will be inspired to give someone a handwritten note this week.

All that said – I bet you’re pissed there was no money in here.