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Sunday Notes & Letters for Week 18

Sometimes a handwritten letter can make things seem better. A note from our grandmother or a long letter from a friend living overseas, they tend to lift our spirits and connect us with the person who sent it to us – if even for just a few moments.

Photo: Garance Nelson

Myles with his letter from Vice President Biden as well as note from Rep. Gwen Moore for sharing his idea to make the world safer. Photo: Garance Nelson

I ran across a story this morning about a 7-year-old boy named Myles Nelson from Milwaukee who made my day a little brighter. Little Myles was affected by all of the gun violence he hears about and started to think of ways to make the world a safer place. Finally it came to him. He had an idea and decided he should share it with the White House and other government officials.

The Wisconsin youngster sat down and wrote out some letters. He wrote that he thought that “guns should shoot out chocolate bullets. Then no one will get killed and no one will be sad.” It took a while, but he got a handwritten response from none other than Vice President Joe Biden.

Here’s a shot of Biden’s letter to the young problem solver.

Photo: Huffingtonpost.com

Photo: Huffingtonpost.com

I like the way Myles thinks…I’m expecting big things from this kid when he grows up. And I’m hoping that Hershey’s or MARS picked up on this story and sent him a serious care-package of chocolate!


Day 47: Nick

Happy Presidents Day! Had I been clever today I would have written a letter to President Obama…damn, I guess there’s always his birthday which is August 4th. Anyway, today is a short note to say happy birthday to the son of some friends of mine. Nick’s a good kid and he’s starting to grow up awfully quick. He turned 12 yesterday.

Day 47-2Day 47


Happy Birthday Nick!

I hope you have a great day today.

See you soon,
Uncle Furry [Uncle Furry – that’s a long and probably embarrassing story]


Day 27: Nicky

I asked the Twitter world yesterday who I should write to today and got a response back from a friend and former coworker in Oklahoma City who thought his son would appreciate a letter.

Screen Shot 2015-01-26 at 10.50.45 PM

I love the fact that he checks the mailbox every day – I used to do the same thing. I remember how excited I’d get when I got a letter in the mail which usually only happened around my birthday or the holidays.

I hope he enjoys getting the letter and I look forward to hearing back from him!


Dear Nicky,

I am a friend of your father’s and he told me that you like to receive mail – me too! I like to send and receive handwritten letters. In fact, I have made a promise to send a handwritten letter to someone every day this year. You are the 27th person that I have written to!

YoL-4-2I wrote to another boy in Oklahoma – his name is Cade and he lives in Yukon. He wrote a letter to every NFL team. I thought that was pretty cool.

I heard that you are in kindergarten. Who is your teacher? What is your favorite part about school? Do you like sports? I bet you like OSU – I think your mom and dad both went to school there. Do you have any brothers or sisters?

I live in Washington, DC. It’s an amazing city full of historic monuments and important buildings like the White House where the president lives and also the Capitol where the congress meets. Have you been here? If not, maybe your parents will bring you some time.

I have to go now. I hope that you will write me back.

Your friend,