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Day 226: Nicky

You may remember Nicky from earlier letters: Day 27 and Day 48. I’m calling on the 6-year-old today for some help in delivering a postcard to my Uncle Ted.

Day 197-2

This is the postcard that I enclosed for Nicky to send to my uncle.

I shared with you on Day 197 that I used to play a bit of a joke on my uncle by sending him anonymous postcards from around the world. I would incorporate the help of others to deliver the letters from places that would make it difficult to believe that yours truly is behind the prank.

Anyway, as my uncle lives in Oklahoma – just 25 miles away from Nicky – I thought it would be perfect to have the postcard stamped from someplace local. Surely it couldn’t be me. I mean if I were to travel so close to my aunt and uncle’s home I would have let them know.

So, there’s a chance Ted or my aunt Kay read this, in which case, the gig is up. But, I’m guessing these posts will slip under the radar. If you know Ted, please help me keep this going by not mentioning it to him. And if you want to be part of this project, send me a message and I will get you some postcards sent to you so that you can mail them from your town or some exciting travel destination.

Day 2226


It’s been a while since I wrote to you. I hope that you are enjoying your summer. I have been busy writing handwritten letters to lots of people.

I need your help. Can you please see that the enclosed postcard gets mailed? It’s for my uncle. It’s part of a joke that I am playing on him – I don’t want him to know that it is from me. I’ve sent him postcards from all over the world, but he’s never received one from so close to his house. And if your mom or dad happen to go to Norman or somewhere nearby, it would be even better to come from there.

There’s already a stamp on it, so it’s ready to go. 

Thank you and enjoy the rest of your summer!

Day 52: Aunt Kay

It’s cold outside here in DC – perfect weather for letter-writing!

My aunt has very nice penmanship.

My aunt has very nice penmanship.

I think this is my fourth letter to the state of Oklahoma. There are two dozen states that I haven’t written even once. My unscientific hypothesis is that Oklahomans like to write letters.

Earlier this week I got a nice handwritten note from my Aunt Kay who lives outside of Oklahoma City. She was in DC for nearly a month helping to care for her brother who has had some health problems. I got to see her a few times while she was in DC and enjoyed very much the time we spent together.

I wrote back to her this morning.

Day 52

Dear Aunt Kay,

What a pleasant surprise to find your card in my mailbox today. I very much enjoyed spending time with you when you were here in Washington. You’re probably glad you are not here now – we got about four inches of snow and it has been terribly cold. I picked up lunch (Thai) on Saturday – actually it was Sunday – and visited with Haeworth. He seemed good and I enjoyed our conversation. I stopped by on Tuesday and dropped off some ice-cream that he likes from Glen’s Garden Mkt: Steve’s Small Batch Bourbon Vanilla.

I hope that you a had a good visit with Doug – I bet that was nice to have him home. Give Ted a hug for me – I hope he’s doing ok. Let me know when you might be back in town – I look forward to that.

PS – Yes, believe it or not, Haeworth & I have different zip codes.

Day 48: Nicky

NickyLetterYesterday was a letter for Nick…today one for Nicky!

On Sunday I mentioned that I had received my first handwritten response to my Year of Letters – a thoughtful response from 6-year-old Nicky from Oklahoma City who I originally wrote to on Day 27. The son of a former colleague of mine, I wrote him after his dad told me how every day Nicky would anxiously check the mailbox to see if he had any letters. I wanted him to open the mailbox and find a letter written just for him.

I dropped him another note in the mail today.

Day 48Day 48-2

Dear Nicky

Thank you so much for your handwritten letter – you were the first person this year to write back to me. I was so happy to receive your letter and I liked the Batman stamp that you used. I bought some too.

I don’t know if you got any snow in Oklahoma, but it snowed here last night and this morning we had about 4-5 inches. I’m getting ready to go out for a walk – it’s beautiful with everything covered in snow.

Thanks again for writing me – and I will stay in touch!

Your friend,

Day 27: Nicky

I asked the Twitter world yesterday who I should write to today and got a response back from a friend and former coworker in Oklahoma City who thought his son would appreciate a letter.

Screen Shot 2015-01-26 at 10.50.45 PM

I love the fact that he checks the mailbox every day – I used to do the same thing. I remember how excited I’d get when I got a letter in the mail which usually only happened around my birthday or the holidays.

I hope he enjoys getting the letter and I look forward to hearing back from him!


Dear Nicky,

I am a friend of your father’s and he told me that you like to receive mail – me too! I like to send and receive handwritten letters. In fact, I have made a promise to send a handwritten letter to someone every day this year. You are the 27th person that I have written to!

YoL-4-2I wrote to another boy in Oklahoma – his name is Cade and he lives in Yukon. He wrote a letter to every NFL team. I thought that was pretty cool.

I heard that you are in kindergarten. Who is your teacher? What is your favorite part about school? Do you like sports? I bet you like OSU – I think your mom and dad both went to school there. Do you have any brothers or sisters?

I live in Washington, DC. It’s an amazing city full of historic monuments and important buildings like the White House where the president lives and also the Capitol where the congress meets. Have you been here? If not, maybe your parents will bring you some time.

I have to go now. I hope that you will write me back.

Your friend,