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Day 52: Aunt Kay

It’s cold outside here in DC – perfect weather for letter-writing!

My aunt has very nice penmanship.

My aunt has very nice penmanship.

I think this is my fourth letter to the state of Oklahoma. There are two dozen states that I haven’t written even once. My unscientific hypothesis is that Oklahomans like to write letters.

Earlier this week I got a nice handwritten note from my Aunt Kay who lives outside of Oklahoma City. She was in DC for nearly a month helping to care for her brother who has had some health problems. I got to see her a few times while she was in DC and enjoyed very much the time we spent together.

I wrote back to her this morning.

Day 52

Dear Aunt Kay,

What a pleasant surprise to find your card in my mailbox today. I very much enjoyed spending time with you when you were here in Washington. You’re probably glad you are not here now – we got about four inches of snow and it has been terribly cold. I picked up lunch (Thai) on Saturday – actually it was Sunday – and visited with Haeworth. He seemed good and I enjoyed our conversation. I stopped by on Tuesday and dropped off some ice-cream that he likes from Glen’s Garden Mkt: Steve’s Small Batch Bourbon Vanilla.

I hope that you a had a good visit with Doug – I bet that was nice to have him home. Give Ted a hug for me – I hope he’s doing ok. Let me know when you might be back in town – I look forward to that.

PS – Yes, believe it or not, Haeworth & I have different zip codes.

Day 45: Mr. & Mrs. Bresnan

Kristen and Bill Bresnan (Photo: abcnews.com)

Kristen and Bill Bresnan (Photo: abcnews.com)

Happy Valentine’s Day!

People tell me all the time that writing 365 handwritten letters is a lot! And they’re right too. But it pales in comparison to what a Toms River, NJ man has achieved. Oh, he’s raised the bar alright. Bill Bresnan has written his wife a love letter every day for nearly 40 years – some 13,000 letters. Every day is Valentine’s Day for this couple.

So here’s to Mr. and Mrs. Bresnan. Enjoy!

Day 45

Dear Mr. & Mrs. Bresnan,

Some of their letters

Some of their letters

I saw your story on ABC news this week – it really touched my heart. I have a year-long commitment to write a handwritten letter to someone every day and as today is Valentine’s Day I thought I would write to you. Writing a love letter every day for nearly 40 years is incredible – that’s more than 13,000 letters. And I thought 365 was a lot!

Happy Valentine’s Day to you both and may your love and letter-writing never cease.

Reed Sandridge

PS. Any tips on what makes a great letter?