Sunday Notes: An update on the project and a story about lost love letters

My PO Box is empty

My PO Box is empty

It’s Sunday….I got behind on posting this weekend. Let me tell you, this project takes a LOT more time than I thought. Writing the letters, photographing them, uploading them, posting on social media, responding to all the response letters that are filling up my mailbox, etc.

Ok, the last part isn’t really true. In fact, I haven’t received one response letter yet. I know it’s only been a month, but I have exchanged a few emails and tweets with recipients of my letters in January and several indicated they would be writing me back. Oh well. So not much to report on today on that front.

I’ll leave you with this touching story from CBS Sunday Morning about a woman suffering with memory loss who finds a stack of 45 year-old love letters which help put the pieces of her life back together. Steve Hartman brings the story to us as only he can. He’s one of the best. Enjoy!


Now off to watch the Super Bowl!

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