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Day 247: Glenn

I grew up in Mechanicsburg, PA. It’s a quiet suburb of Harrisburg. My family was strong and provided great role models. But sometimes you’re fortunate to have outside role models who take time to help you find your way through life. It could be a teacher, a coach or in my case, a boy scout leader.

To my knowledge Glenn was actually never an official leader while I was involved with Scouting. He was something like a scout leader emeritus. Anyway, he lived a few short blocks from my childhood home and was a great role model and friend to me.

I grew up, moved away and rarely visit Mechanicsburg now. We’ve sort of lost touch, but I thought he should know how much I appreciate that he took time to care about me and so many other young people in the community.

Thirty years later, he still answers the phone with the same familiar greeting, “Good evening, Glenn.”

Day 247

Dear Glenn,

I hope this note finds you well. I was thinking about people who have been and still are mentors in my life today and thought of you. You always led by example on how to be a friend, a husband, a father. I just wanted you to know how much you mean to me – despite how lousy I am at staying in touch. I will be in Mechanicsburg the weekend of Sept. 25th and would love to find time to visit. I’ll call/email as we get a little closer.


Day 128: Dale & Leslie

Dale grew up a few blocks away from both houses I lived in in Mechanicsburg, PA. We went to the same schools and played on the same baseball team. After graduation, we went separate ways and I lost contact with Dale. Then came Facebook and we were in touch – well sorta. Facebook is kind of a pseudo connection.

Day 128-2

My thank you note in front of a print that I bid on and won at the auction. That’s the Georgetown harbor in 1865.

Anyway, I was pleasantly surprised to get a Facebook message from Dale on Tuesday asking if I was free on Thursday – he had a few extra invitations to a charity fundraiser in DC – two blocks from my apartment no less.

It was a lot of fun. The event was nice, I got to meet Dale’s wife Leslie, his boss Mr. Bunn, and hang out with another high school friend, Justin. I’m thankful that Dale reached out – it was a great night and I enjoyed spending time with old friends.

Day 128

Dale and Leslie,

It was great to spend time with you on Thursday – the gala was a lot of fun. Thanks for thinking of me and extending the invitation to join you. I get back to Mechanicsburg a couple of times a year – it would be great to get together on one of those visits.

Thanks again!

P.S. Please pass on my thanks to Mr. Bunn as well.